carb adjustment
  1. P

    high rev start

    hello :) after repairing some stuff on my bike and when i went to try, it started but like it was full throttle. it did a little wheelie and the chain snapped out. i barely touched the throttle when starting it, just that tiny stroke to get the engine running. i changed the intake manifold and...
  2. G


    I have a 49cc motorbike with a HP carburetor and I’m bogging at full throttle so Im asking for confirmation to know if I’m getting too much gas or air into the Carb? I live in Willow Springs area and I plan on buying a 20 jet kit so I have have it for winter and summer.
  3. L

    Removed Air Filter - Running Too Lean?

    Hey Everyone, I am constantly tinkering with my first build - I can't seem to get it to run quite right. I am running a YD100 engine with an NT carb mounted to a Mongoose dirt bike. I've recently done some modifications but now my bike runs TERRIBLY. Can't even crack 5 mph on flat ground and...
  4. R

    New HP Carb runs horrible! Help?

    Way worse than the nt carb. How do I fox this? I even put the jet for the nt carb on the new hp carb but it made zero difference. Is there adjustment screws anywhere?
  5. 2

    Carburetor keeps spewing gas due to stuck float?

    hello, I’m new to this website and don’t know if this is where I post so if it isn’t please direct me to where I should post it I have a cheap Chinese 80cc 2 stroke with a “speed” carburetor (the one with the red filter cap instead black). After driving it for a little it stopped working and...
  6. Hashbrown

    Bogging uphill.

    This has been a stressful mb week for me. I just replaced my old 48cc jug with a new ported jug with a rounded exhaust port and 40mm intake ( yes you heard that right ) and skirted piston. I ran it, it was great. But I noticed that it sounded like it might be running a little lean, ran it a few...
  7. neiltannis

    Revving and bogging

    Hey there motor bikers!! Happy new year and all that jazz. I'm banging my head against the wall here on my 3rd build. Starts up great when fully choked, but begins to rev like crazy when choke is switched off. The engine also bogs when throttle is turned. I can't find any air leaks, carb...
  8. S

    No Exhaust Baffle No Problem.... Right?.....

    Hello, i am new to the Forum. I am posting because im afraid my motor is going to blow. my build is as follows, -66/80cc silver slant kit "From" -NGK #BPR6HIX Spark Plug -Super Charge HI-Preformance CDI "From" -Stock Carburetor -Stock Air Intake Tube "Ported by me"...
  9. A

    Motorized bike seems to have more power at very slight choke

    Hi I have a default ebay 2 stroke 80cc kit with the stock NT carb. Currently I have the pin in the carb set to the leanest setting (towards the top) as all the other settings seem to give some form of 4 stroking. When I start the bike I choke it for around 5 seconds then immediately switch to...
  10. A

    Engine idle's high after ascending hill or wide open throttle

    My engine idles fine both after starting and when fully warmed up. However I have noticed that after using the throttle wide open (be it going fast or ascending a hill), if I pull in the clutch, the engine will idle very fast (to the point where I have to fiddle with the idle screw to slow it...
  11. L

    Motorized Bike Running too Lean

    Hi all, In the last week, I finished my first build, however, I've run into some issues in adjusting the carb. The carb runs perpetually lean, and I can't get it to run rich as to better lubricate the engine during the break in period. I've moved the c-clip to the very bottom of the...
  12. Matty Skacore

    Idle problems

    When I pull the clutch my motor dies. I know this is vague but what are any possibilities. I can get my bike running smooth but pulling the clutch makes it idle for several seconds than it starts to slowly die, it is in the break in still.
  13. M

    Throttle/Carby Help

    Hi Folks - This is is my first build and I'm excited to almost be done with it! Thanks to to this forum I've been able to solve most of my issues. I have two problems that are probably related, maybe you can help! I can get the engine started no problem and cruise my neighborhood at a low...
  14. J

    Carrb Idling

    Please Help Newbi. My Idle needle is all the way in order to keep my Chinese 2 stroke idling, but even with that some times while idling the engine turns off. Please help .flg.
  15. JaxInsany

    Non Adjustable CNS carb?

    Good evening to all! I was having some idle problems with my bike that the idle screw wasn't resolving, so I decided to open up my CNS carburetor (a high performance YD one from a Skyhawk kit) and adjust the brass/coppery slide pin to another notch when I noticed it had only ONE notch. I now...
  16. B

    Carb adjustment/ breaking in

    So I have been lurking in this forum since I saw someone riding a MB but have just now gotten around to posting. I put a BGF 66 on my Wally World nel lusso and have run almost a gallon thru it. It was running ok, a little rough but I got the mixture dialed in so it will 2 stroke good thru the...