1. Tom74

    Muffler gasket

    I recently purchased an 02 toyota highlander oxygen sensor gasket as a gasket for my muffler because some guy on YouTube recommended it, but what I'm wondering is it for 36 or 40mm stud placing. Is there anyone that has bought one of these and that can measure it for me?
  2. S

    O ring keeps popping off rear wheel hub

    Hello, I have a 66cc two stroke engine on a hyper cruiser bicycle. It went great for the first few miles but now the o ring keeps popping off the rear hub releasing the bicycle sprocket and I can’t pedal or stop (using coaster brake). I reseat it and it pops off within minutes anyone have any...
  3. F

    Huffy Verona fitment

    Hey everybody, I've got this Huffy Verona Comfort Series frame and I was wondering if it would fit a 66cc 2 stroke engine? Pictures uploaded has a Predator 212 and the BikeBerry 2 stroke silhouette for scale. I was thinking of buying the California Motors Wildcat kit and eventually the SBP...
  4. C

    Ignition issue

    Hey guys I have a 2 month old skyhawk engine. I use a mikuni carb, expansion chamber, 36t sprocket, supercharge cdi and a few other minor mods. I recently shaved some of the head to raise compression, and ended up raising it by about 30psi. Since then, my motor has become a bit more difficult...
  5. P

    SMALL FRAME!!! I've already bought the thing! 1st BUILD HELP :(

    So I planned on whacking a 2 stroke engine kit from eBay onto a push bike and couldnt find any decent hybrid bikes in my area. I walked into a well known local bike shop and fell in love with one recommended by the owner - A Python Quantom 8000 Men's hybrid bike. I fell in love and purchased on...
  6. 66cc

    DISK BRAKE SPROCKET install??!??

    2strokers, I had a question about what I should do about installing a sprocket on my next build, it has disk brakes in the rear and idk if I should remove the rear brakes altogether or somehow fab a sprocket adapter? I’m attaching the pics below so y’all have an idea. Thanks! 66cc aka MOTOGUIDE
  7. D

    HELP! WIRING in a YZ80 CDI ignition to my 66cc china

    Ok, new here. HI. Now. I stole an ignition box (early 80s yz80 box???) and how do I describe them... two little dangly things that look like coils (but there's two of them and narrower than our coils, no provision for a plug wire to exit) off my brothers YZ80 frame that was laying behind the...
  8. B

    Unknown electical? problem, after wet ride..replaced everything still nothing

    Okay this is my first post here, ive read hundreds of threads and finally decided to create an account. So here is the deal i had a perfectly running basically bone stock 66cc (nt carb 66jet, 2nd to top needle setting) and i had to ride 8 miles in the rain and it went south about a half mile...
  9. J

    Engine won't turn over.

    I've recently purchased a 66cc motor from the internet and installed it on my bicycle. It ran great for about 15 minutes before refusing to turn. It seems to be the front drive sprocket (the smaller one) that just will not budge no matter what I do. Considering sending the engine back for a...
  10. I

    How many miles does an engine of these specs have left?

    How long did your china girl last? How many miles did your 66/80cc 2 stroke engine last? Where did you buy it from. How many miles did it go before you had to replace a part? What was the part?
  11. Patchy

    Bike up for sale!

    I recently bought a Honda Metro Scooter and have no need for my motor bike anymore. I want it gone! Whether it be piece by piece or whole thing at once, I don't care! If you are interested in something just let me know and I will make a listing on Ebay and PM you a link. I feel like its safer...
  12. Patchy

    Kickstarting a China girl

    http://youtu.be/ZF2eAiXBOrw I can kick start my bike now! Got a new 36 tooth sprocket, removed my broken shifter and put my regular bike chain on the lowest gear. No more annoying petal starts! On a side note, clean your chains. All the goop is from both my chains.
  13. W

    Huffy Cranbrook Project

    I just built my first motorized bicycle, so i thought i would join this forum. I bought a Huffy Cranbrook on sale for $88.00 at walmart and bought a 80cc (66cc) Bicycle engine kit off of ebay for $145.00 with free shipping. I got my kit in the mail friday and had it all put together in a few...
  14. D

    Custom chopped and screwed homemade motoped/dirt bike!

    i spent a lot of time planning this bike out.. this one i based off the dirt bike style this bike has a lot of travel and an 8gear jackshaft, in this build im using the 70cc Skyhawk Super Rat motor with a stock 66cc carb and a honda CR80 exhaust. i tried to find as many progress pictures as...
  15. CTripps

    Autobike Cruiser Build

    Hey folks I've been feeling it lately, that "builder's itch" or whatever you want to call it.. the need to start a new bike. After doing my cruiser up I wanted to do another one, so I've kept an eye on CL etc for a frame to start from. I found this one, the seller wanted $200 but he accepted...
  16. P

    Why didn't my bike go uphill with a 66/80cc cruiser?

    I am a newbie who just got done putting my first bike together. It took me one week! Well, mainly because of the frustration because NOTHING FITS! But anyway, I was going uphill and I didn't go full throttle since I am still in the break-in period. The result....The bike stalls! Was this...
  17. G

    Sick Bike Parts-Jets and gaskets

    I just want to shout out again to sick bike parts.com. I have ordered all my jets and gaskets from them. They always arrive in very neat packaging that i can reuse to meticulously sort my ever expanding collection of parts and tools. And they always arrive quickly. Since jetting and air...
  18. R

    port timeing help? tuned pipe

    gi fo all those that have done port mods im sure your have done a port timeing chart useing a degrea weel anywas to the point im trying to make a tuned pipe during my off season iv only got 2 weeks to have it fineshed and i nead the port timeing. if any one had the exhaust port angle the...
  19. G

    smooth starts

    is there a way to turn the engine over without such violence. Every time i try to roll start my 66 in the parking lot it feels like i a beating on my frame with some hammers.
  20. chillphillyphil

    New Guy From Sarasota, FL

    Hello everyone! My name is Phil and I've been riding a motorized bicycle for about a month and half now. I decided to build a motorized bicycle as a daily commuter to work - as I only work 4 miles away from home - and go on the occasional trip to the grocery store. I did not order a brand...