Bike up for sale!


Aug 12, 2014
I recently bought a Honda Metro Scooter and have no need for my motor bike anymore. I want it gone! Whether it be piece by piece or whole thing at once, I don't care! If you are interested in something just let me know and I will make a listing on Ebay and PM you a link. I feel like its safer for both parties this way. Lastly there would only be shipping costs on the bulky/ heavy items. (Located in Sacramento, CA)

The rear tire is a double walled rim with thicker spokes. Cost me $80 and then another $80 for the Manic Mechanic Adapter. I'll do both for $120

The Fred Head is 7cc and I'll part ways with it for $50
If you want the engine (ported with dampening kit) I'll do it for $100.
The engine has about 900 miles on it and still runs great, check out this video to see it in action!

The SHA Clone (with jet kit #50-72), billeted intake, and boost bottle go together nicely for $60

The spring tensioner I'll do for $20

I also have unused #41 roller chain, about 4', I can do for $10
The #41 chain on the bike I'll do for $8. I have a few master links as well.

Its hard to see in the pictures but I also have a "Rocket Racing CDI" I'll sell for $20. I used the capacitor in my Honda Metro so its not included.

The expansion chamber I'll do for $20, Its been through many miles and different engines but still works good.

I'll take offers for anything I haven't listed, it can't hurt to ask! Also, if you want more/better information of anything just let me know, I would be glad to take a video even.



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Nov 17, 2012
12 and you can get your picture taken next to my bike....sent to your cell phone in color!