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  1. T

    1999 Whizzer For Sale

    I have a 1999 Whizzer for sale it runs fine, but needs a lot of asthetic work. All Chrome is in bad shape But Motor and frame is worth 500.
  2. Venice Motor Bikes

    Felt 'Faker' ~ rolling chassis, race bike

    I'm selling this FELT 'faker' motorized bicycle built for racing ... (NO ENGINE) This was my 'back up' bike from last race season, built for the 2-Stroke Expert Class. It was only raced one day. Please look carefully at the pictures below before asking any questions. Parts list... Gasbike ~...
  3. Kaden

    For Sale Nanaimo but will ship

    Hey guys, I’ve decided to sell my bike, it’s been great, I’ve run into some tough times and need cash. It’s brand new aside from 10 miles on it to get it running properly. I’m hoping to get 1150$ out of it here are the particulars. 26 inch bbr tuning bike (built in fuel tank) Red GT5...
  4. Patchy

    Bike up for sale!

    I recently bought a Honda Metro Scooter and have no need for my motor bike anymore. I want it gone! Whether it be piece by piece or whole thing at once, I don't care! If you are interested in something just let me know and I will make a listing on Ebay and PM you a link. I feel like its safer...
  5. massdrive

    New GT2a Motorbike For Sale

    Newly completed. GT2A aluminum frame. 66cc 2 stroke china engine with cut piston & drilled wrist pin, wrist pin and connecting rod bearings. Tuned carbonator and pipe, NGK spark plug and cap. Worksman 26"x 2.125" HD double wall alloy 36h rims, 11g stainless steel spokes, front drum brake hub...
  6. CARider

    66cc 2 Stroke Kits In California-$159!

    Hi! For a limited time I am selling Flying Horse Kits, great bearings and quality, for $159 to everyone, including people trying to get them here in California. Members only, please PM me for a Paypal Invoice! Happy Riding! .wee.
  7. X

    $15 2.5L gas tank

    Spooky tooth sent me this spare gas tank cause my old one had a leak, but by the time they sent this one I had sufficiently sealed the leak. So I dont need this gas tank anymore, never been used, still in box...
  8. waistofhumanspace

    Original Worksman Rims FORSALE ($150.00)

    If you are interested call (231)220-5207 located in Mi. I will ship anywhere in Comtinental United States
  9. D

    66cc Schwinn Jaguar for sale

    The bike for sale has a 66cc two stroke kit from thatsdax installed. I've had the bike for around two years but I've only ridden about 60 miles since the motor kit was installed. The motor works great and is in good condition. I modified the chain tensioner to a much more reliable sprocket...
  10. PatTheThird

    GT-5 and GT-Rat For Sale, Maybe

    I'm intirested to see if anyone would make an offer on one of these motors. Both are on bikes and run great. The GT-5 tops at around 32, the Ratwill get closer to 40. Which either one i decide to sell will come with a SBP black expansion chamber. The GT-5 ive done some work to. It has a Dax RT...
  11. M

    Morini S5GS Motor

    Hey, I bought a mini dirtbike with this motor on it. It was blown up, so i did a full rebuild on it. I replaced: Piston Piston rings NEW Cylinder Top end bearings All bearing seals magneto and All new gaskets THis motor is 100% ready to go to be bolted on for a sweet motorized bike...