winding a coil with new wire


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Oct 3, 2013
Las Vegas
Norman when you get this figured out I would like to buy a few finished coils from you. I've been fooling around with this for a few weeks now with no progress.


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Jul 13, 2010
I've got a China Girl that won't move. I replaced the magneto that has an integral electronic pointless system and the engine starts, but it still doesn't move.

I'm sort of putting you on as it is an old Coleman Generator set! I just thought it interesting that they epoxy potted all the electronics for the pointless system inside the magneto. When I had an intermittent spark and then solid no spark, I tried the resistance measurements for the two coils and also to see if they were shorted to one another. Nothing measured bad.

It seems that the electronics inside the magneto you cannot test. It either works or it does not. The resistances measure fine, but this integral magneto type, probably not found in motor bike kit engines is now useless.

$25.00 for a new one on Ebay was not bad.

On fixing a broken wire on a magneto, I did fix a primary wire on a Briggs magneto, but if it were the secondary, or if they made them with that wrapping I see on the motor bike magnetos, I would never have bothered. I had to check the diodes on part of the generator and the wires on the armature where looking a little frail but they didn't tear.

One thing I found unique for this old generator is it is a brush-less type. It is the stator that has two coils that don't need slip rings and brushes, one for low volts that make 12vdc and the other for the 120vac 60hz 1200 watt with 1850 watt surge.

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