Titan Sold out for next 10 what?



Feb 22, 2008
Ok guys and gals, Titan is now sold out for the next 10 weeks. We have no list to get on so no monies are being taken and no one can be added to a Titan list. Sorry.. By middle of Sep we should be caught up and the Titan XC R2 will be released. It will be an updated version to chrome, a couple pounds lighter, and adapter/extender brackets to enable those that need to move setup further back to do so, and longer throttle cable to reach a setup that needs to be further back. So.. The wait will be worth it for those that really need Titan now and can not get one. For those that have ordered Titan, Please be Patient and you will get your Titan. For those than can not wait any longer, please let me know and I will get you your Refund . We have been swamped with Titan orders and can not take anymore orders for the next 10 weeks. Thanks.. Enjoy the ride.. Sincerely.. Duane....