The random tandem thus far

Wevil Kenevil

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Mar 4, 2022
Sack a tomatoes California
Surprise bonus it rides like a recumbent and is very easy to pedal with the back rest on it. I have a very long reach. I am 6 foot tall and have a 6 foot 6 inch arm reach so it's perfect for me. ( I can scratch my knee by just dropping my shoulder no bending needed... Lol)

My bro picked up some miniature Harley-Davidson saddlebags and I got to go by and pick them up hopefully they fit the bike!

As soon as I get finished tweaking it I'm going to paint it. Should be next month. A friend who works in a paint and body shop has got a special custom paint job coming up and he said there's going to be a little extra paint so I might be able to get my bike painted at the same time. Cross my fingers.
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