Starting my first build but need some advice...


Oct 11, 2019
Hey guys, I apoligize if this thread is in the wrong place. I just got a Huffy Cranbrook with comfort fit frame. First, I wanted to know if the dust cap on the rear wheel is necessary being its only going to be for street use no offroading or trail riding. In that case, do I still need the dustcap? I've also been hearing that when you loosen the coaster brake arm that you will have to readjust/tighten the rear hub/bearing assembly. Is that hard to do? And to anyone whos built on this exact frame, I been seeing pics where the carb needs to go off to the side to clear the seat post. Will I need that part to make the carb go to the side or will it fit with the intake mount that comes with the kit? I also ordered a cnc 44 tooth sprocket so I dont have to deal with the rag joint setup. Any other advice I need to be aware of? Thanks!
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