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Dec 13, 2008
Gainesville, FL
Hello everyone,

I'm still breaking in my newly motorized (Ebay Chinese 80cc in Frame Build) hybrid bicycle, and already see myself wanting a higher cruising speed. I've been reading around and it seems a 36 tooth rear sprocket is fairly ideal.

My one concern is I live in North Florida, and contrary to what you may think, there are quite a few very minor hills in my area. Is a 36t sprocket too aggressive?

Also, I am torn between the King's Sprocket and the Spooky tooth one. Kings is 50 shipped, and the Spooky Tooth one is 38. Kings seems a little lighter, but Im not sure it will make that big of a difference.

Kind of rambling here, but what are you experiences with different sized sprockets and what would you recommend.

Bikeguy Joe

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Jan 8, 2008
up north now
I can only say the spookytooth cycles sprocket is high quality, can't comment on the other....

If you are under 200, say 160-ish, you should be O.K.

You may want to use a 40 or 41T if you are pushing 200+.


Dec 26, 2007
Scottsville, VA

Not sure how hilly it is in Northern FL but I've had quite a few folks buying
27T sprockets for a 26" wheel where it is flat....being close to sea level probably also helps a bit since engines make less power the higher up you go..

Also FWIW - We make the 34T sprockets in bulk (they are our best sellers) and we can have them to you for $32.50 (which includes delivery)....The price you mentioned earlier is our price for our on off sprockets but we do make the 34's in quantity runs so they are priced lower.

Hope this helps you.

Happy Holidays!



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Dec 13, 2008
Gainesville, FL
Interesting information. Really tempting me now.

I have 700c wheels, not sure how much that effects the ratio. Also, how long does is take to get the sprocket from time of order to delivery?

I sent you a PM Andy.