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  • Well there ya go man! Maybe we could work a weekend out to do it. I'll be more then happy to help you out with putting it on. But consider the motor yours it works great I just need to order a new magneto cover,get a new plug, and thats pretty much it. Its just a little china girl 66cc nothing special but should get the job done. Oh and the sprocket I have is a 32 T don't know if that would work for you or not but it did for me because I weigh about 130.
    I dunno what to say. I do have a bike that used to have a motor on it. I also have all the other parts from a 2 stroke motor kit. The rear wheel still has a 36 tooth sprocket on it.
    Dude I got a spare motor kit laying around. If you got a bike I'll give it to you and I'll throw in a smaller sprocket. If you want I could maybe help you out with the build. 1 weekend and I know I could knock it out easy 2 people should make it fly by.
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