Smaller Sprocket For Single-Speed Bikes


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Aug 2, 2008
On "The Whizzard's" maiden voyage yesterday, I rode to my jobsite and back, then motored west to Home Depot for stuff, a distance of 25 miles. The bike performed flawlessly; this surprised me cuz I rescued it eight days ago from months of neglect in an open bike lot. Changed oil and crumbling fuel lines, tightened stem, added air and awayyy she went!:grin5:

Brakes need attention but that's another post.

My question is if it's possible to change to a smaller sprocket on single-speed bikes. This Whizzer is freewheeling; it has a small drum brake, not a coaster brake.

However, I'd also like to swap to a smaller sprocket on "The Dragon Lady", my twin-engined cruiser with coaster brake.

The reason is that both bikes need my pedal-assist during midrange and top speed. My other dual-engined monster "The Iron Dragon" has five speeds and fifth gear REALLY helps pull the bike, even at speeds over 30mph.rd.

What should I look at changing, the freewheel sprocket or the crankset?

IMO, adding more pedal-assist to a Whizzer bike or a motorized coaster bike would definitely enhance both bike's midrange and top end performance.

Of course low speed pedalling would suck without the engine , but I can live with that.

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Mar 20, 2008
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I'm not sure... ?? If you're planning on pedaling to assist the engine at 30+ MPH... you should probably add plenty!!
Maybe take the top gears off of a old 21 speed or something??

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Apr 15, 2008
Valparaiso, IN
You have to worry about your chin guard...but the question is, what are you running now? I assume the front is 44t, correct?

My Husky wheels came with a 22t rear sprocket assuming a heavy bike. If you have that, just a 17 or 18 for the rear and see where that gets you.

For me...if I wanted to pedal, I would have left the engine at home. I run a front 36 with a rear 19 so I can get my beast off from a standing start.