SCFTA Dirt Track August 8th

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Sep 15, 2011
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The Racing at Perris raceway has been SUPER FUN this summer. I'm bummed that none of you have come and joined us. Especially you, Scotto!!. This is some awesome racing, and if you have any dirt in your background you really gotta come join us. You WILL be hooked!!!! As I had said before, due to the reception of our bikes and insane determination, Vince, the president of the SCFTA has given us our own class! For those of you concerned, we no longer ride in a pack with 360cc motorcycles, it's just us out there.
The SCFTA puts on an organized, well run race day, complete with grand stands, concessions stands, and a trophy presentation The people out there totally dig our bikes, as this racing is the modern version of boardtracking. we are kinda looked at like the heritage preservationists. (If Pat showed up out there, the crowd would probably fall all over themselves.)
Anyway, I am totally hooked on this, and my bikes suffer far less abuse than they do at the road races. Dont be afraid of the dirt, its really hard packed and infused with lots of rubber.
This will be a guaranteed good time, and we really do need more MB'ers to keep the class alive. BRING IT!!
Also, its so refreshing to race in such a well ran organized event. So much better than what we've had so far. ( no offense guys- it's a pro national syndicate) but on that note, I'm glad Neil stepped up and gave a little respect to Baird, pulling the sept 1 race. I'd really like to see those guys work together. we are too small to have a coke and a pepsi at this time. Also on that note, this is not an undermining or usurpation of Bairds race either. It's a totally separate racing series on a dirt flat track, and we don't make the schedule.
So if you want to race a NIGHT race before summers end, this is it! come out and join us!. Sorry I havent posted a video of the last one Dave, I've been too busy with Autumn.( my baby girl is one month old today. )dnut
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Jul 28, 2010
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Yes, it's on tomorrow.....

Gates will open Saturday at 2pm:
Practice will be at 5pm: Racing to follow.

Southern California Flat Track Association
1205 Burton Road
Perris, CA 92570

Race Day

Admission $10 per person including racers. (0 - 4 years free)

SCFTA Membership $40

Member race entry $45 first class, additional classes $35

Non Members entry $50 first class, additional classes $40

So racing in the special motorized bicycle class will cost you $60 ($10 + $50)

Southern California Flat Track Association is pretty healthy with over 100 racers at their events.
Would like to get out there to check out how they do it.