dirt track

  1. Dogtown Burner

    SCFTA Dirt Track August 8th

    The Racing at Perris raceway has been SUPER FUN this summer. I'm bummed that none of you have come and joined us. Especially you, Scotto!!. This is some awesome racing, and if you have any dirt in your background you really gotta come join us. You WILL be hooked!!!! As I had said before, due to...
  2. Dogtown Burner

    Scfta dirt race aug. 11&12 double header

    PERRIS RACEWAY has opened a class for motorbicycles! the 11/12 weekend will be a large PRO EVENT with big sponsors, real purses, grandstands, vendor booths, concession stands, and national news coverage -- The real deal. Come out and race! We had a blast earlier this month, and I highly...