SAT JUNE 2nd Grange Racetrack SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing 2012!!!!


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Jul 28, 2010
SoCal Baby!!!
Motorized Bicycle Racing Sat June 2nd 2012 Grange Motor Circuit

Saturday June 2nd 2012

Gate opens at 6.00am Saturday for registration;
Sign waiver, get a wrist band and to pay entry fee.

Spectators / Pit Crew: $10
Race track riding & Racing: $35

Sunrise: 5:37am
Sunset: 7:57pm

Moonrise: 6:21pm
Moonset: 3:56am

Day length: 14h 20m

12 daylight hours track time from 7am to 7pm

Practice from 7am to 9.45am
Heats start at 10am

Free camping Friday night and Saturday night included with track entry or
as a spectator.

Grangé Motor Circuit
20455 Central Rd.
Apple Valley, CA 92307


1) 15 Freeway North past Victorville.

2) Exit 157 = the Bell Mtn / Stoddard Wells Rd off ramp and go North East
(There are 2 Stoddard Wells Rd. The second is Bell Mtn )

3) Do NOT make any turns off Stoddard Wells Rd until you reach Central Rd.

4) Go right (South) on Central approx 1/4 mile and you are there.

PS: Do NOT use your GPS for directions as it will route you up
Central from the south which is not accessible because of train tracks.

Interlube International maker of Opti-2 two stroke oil
and Opti-4 four stroke oil is Sponsoring SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing.

Trophies by

Sponsored by

Thanks to Ken of KW Machine Works for the GoPros!

Sponsored by Manic Mechanic Bike Parts

Sponsored by

53 Days to Race Day

Track Specifications: 3400' elevation.

14 turns
8/10 mile
950' straight away
Elevation Changes
25' to 30' wide asphalt
Concrete Curbs on inside turn radius
Concrete Rumple Strips at run-off areas
25' minimum run off

We are running the track clockwise.

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Jul 28, 2010
SoCal Baby!!!
Only 53 days to go!

Race number requirements:
Front number plate with large easy to read block numbers.

New sign ups pick an available number from the list below
and send an email with answers to 1 to 5 below to: [email protected]
Please do not send me PM's. ( Personal Message )

1) Please include your forum name.

2) Real name.

3) Type of bikes / class you are riding on the track? 2 bikes?

4) How many spectators / pit crew coming with you?

5) Arriving Friday? or Saturday?

See below

eBikes use numbers from 100 to 140

Everyone who has a number from the 2011 June Willow Springs race
and the October Grange race please send me the same email with
answers to 1 to 5 above if you are coming to the April 7th Grange race
Thanks! :)

3-scotto- 4 Stroke 50cc Q Matic & 4 Stroke HF CVT
4-Trey_In_LA 6.5 HF 4 Stroke
5-Jim Rust 2 Stroke
6-culvercityclassic 2 Stroke & HF 6.5 hp
7-Kline's Kustoms 4 stroke
8-magrider 2 Stroke / 11 HP water cooled Morini
10-Terry 2 Stroke SBP shifter kit
11-Samford&Son 4 Stroke 5 hp Briggs
12-msrfan 4 stroke 5 hp Briggs
13-CulverCityClassic Jonathan 2 Stroke
14-Isaiah 4 Stroke Honda gxh 50 Staton FD
15-CulverCityClassic Ryan 2 Stroke
16-Bigboy Timm 4 Stroke 50cc Chonda
17-Bigboy Roland 4 Stroke 117cc Chonda single speed
18-Kristof 2 Stroke
19-flex man 9.2 hp Boxer Morini
20-Jeremy 2 Stroke
21-BMC_az 2 Stroke
22-Duce Dave 2 Stroke? Mid Range
23-Javier 2 Stroke
24-shaolin 2 Stroke
25-Kevin Smith Morini Boxer
26-Superharry 3 HP Briggs
27-Randy 2 Stroke
28-PistonBike Jason 2 stroke
29-Karen Hicks 2 Stroke
30-Joaquin Suave 4 Stroke 50 cc Honda
31-Dave31 2 stroke & 5.8 hp Morini
32-Flying Dutchman 6.5 HF 4 Stroke
33-bairdco 2 Stroke
34-AirEd 2 6.5 HF $ Stroke
35-Tristen Brown 2 Stroke
36-buba 2 Stroke
37-Nick 2 Stroke
38-Jonathon 50cc HS 4 Stroke
39-Nathan Trent 4 Stroke FD
40-Nick Trent 4 Stroke R/S
41-Strotter 4 Stroke tandem FD
42-curtigges 2 Stroke
43-JoeKarati 2 Stroke
44-THE GENERAL44 2 stroke
45-dand 2 Stroke
46-dand Sarah 4 Stroke Grubee 4G stretch
47-Jonathon 2 stroke
48-briggsbiker 4 stroke 5 hp Briggs
49-Dave Morini Boxer 5.8?
50-Rick 2 Stroke
51-The_Aleman 4 stroke
52-Tyler R Joker Machine GC160 5 HP
53-Steve 2 Stroke
54-Steve 2 Stroke SBP shifter kit
55-tim 2 stroke
56-Jason B 2 stroke
57-PistonBike Rob 2 stroke
58-Ron VanLaar 2 Stroke
59-headtrama 2 stroke
60-oldbiker 2 Stroke
61-John Honda`CG 160cc 4 stroke
62 Flügelwagen Juicer ebike
63-cruizerchris63 2 stroke
64-Stephen 2 Stroke
65-HackMATTr 2 Stroke SBP shifter kit.
66-Brokenpedals 2 Stroke
67-John Piston Bikes
68-VeniceMotorBikes 2 Stroke
69-Easy Rider 11 hp water cooled Boxer Morini
70-Matt W Joker Machine GC160 5 HP
71-doug713 2 Stroke & 4 Stroke Whizzer
72-doug713 2 Stroke & 4 Stroke Whizzer
73 Dogtown Burner 2 Stroke
74-Ken 2 stroke
75-pistonbike greg 2 Stroke
77-Piston Bikes Dave 2 Stroke
78 VINTECH Joker Machine Honda GC160 5 HP
79-GBrebes 5 HP Briggs
80-agk 4 Stroke 99 cc HF AGK Gearbox
81-agk 4 Stroke 6.5 hp HF CVT
82 agk
84 oppanoia 5 hp Briggs
86-Rodney 2 stroke
87-Dave Rust crew 2 Stroke
88-Dave Rust crew 2 Stroke
89-Dave Rust crew 2 Stroke
90-Wayne 2 Stroke
91-DuceDave's son 2 Stroke
95-Kyle 2 Stroke
96-Sophorn Sin 2 Stroke
97-Oldbikers son 2 Stroke
98-nashmoto 4 Stroke Honda GXH 50 cc / 212cc Predator
- Taylor 2 Stroke
- Scott 2 Stroke
- Henry 2 Stroke
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Jul 28, 2010
SoCal Baby!!!
Required Safety Equipment:

A DOT helmet is required by California law to ride a gas powered
motorized bicycle or Moped on the streets.

DOT rated helmet or better like Snell. No bicycle helmets.
No novelty motorcycle helmets without DOT certification.

Eye protection.

Gloves. No bare hands.

Knee and elbow pads or full leathers or Motocross gear

Long pants, no shorts or exposed skin this time please.

Ankle covering footwear or boots.

Fire extinguisher.

The pit road speed limit is 5 mph.


All entries must have functioning pedals.

1) eBike:
No real motorcycle tires allowed. Bicycle tires only.
Pirelli ML 75 2.5" x 16" Moped tires allowed.

2) <50cc 4 Stroke:
Robin Subaru 25cc and Honda GX 25 cc
Robin Subaru 35cc and Honda GX 35 cc
Honda 49 cc GXH and Huasheng 49 cc clone Titan 49.4 cc Super Titan 49.4 cc
Any other 4 strokes less than 50 cc

eBikes with under 2000 watts power are included in this class.

The <35 cc 4 strokes will be a 4 stroke subclass with their own winner.

No limits on motor modifications, Shifter kits are ok,
No real motorcycle tires allowed. Bicycle tires only.

3) 2 Stroke:
48 cc to 66 cc aka 80 Chinese bicycle motors.

New Entry level group for riders new to track riding and
for those that just want to cruise around the track without
any pressure. It's a FUN class!

No limits on motor modifications, Shifter kits are ok,
No real motorcycle tires allowed. Bicycle tires only.

4) >50cc Mid Range Class:
Harbor Freight 79 cc Greyhound
Harbor Freight 99 cc Predator
Honda GX 120
Honda GC 160
Whizzer 136cc
Pit Bike Cag 4+ hp 2 stroke
GP 460 47cc 4.5 hp 2 stroke
Briggs & Stratton 5 hp
Morini 5.8 hp 2 stroke

5) Gas Bikes <11 hp:
9 hp Morini
Honda GX 160
11 hp water cooled Morini
6.5 hp Harbor Freight 200 cc or similar.

No real motorcycle tires allowed. Bicycle tires only.

The first 4 to 7 finishers from the above 5 Classes
will race against each other in The Ultimate Race.

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Jul 28, 2010
SoCal Baby!!!
Sry I couldnt make it to the April race. Count me in for the June race. Its time for the best dressed to reign supreme again!!!!!
About time. :D
You missed a helluva good time on April 7th!
The SoCal races keep getting better and better ........

Only 44 days to go!

Greg {#11} and Dale {#12} at the first California Willow Springs Race on June 18th 2011.

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Jul 28, 2010
SoCal Baby!!!
SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing 2012 Schedule.

Second 2012 race on Sat June 2nd
We will run the track in reverse which would be clockwise just to keep everyone on their toes.

Third race on October 20th at Grange.

Saturday October 20th 2012 will be the biggest race of the year at Grange.
Great weather and racers coming from all over.

More events are in the planning stages so please keep checking back.
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Jun 3, 2010
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I'm really liking that 212cc Pred with custom billet mounts (flywheel and starter cup too) on that flashy Felt aluminium cruiser. You guys don't mess around, she's a real beauty alright! Keep em coming.......


custom intake mani as well.....nice


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Jul 28, 2010
SoCal Baby!!!
Yeah Richard and his brother(kw machine) got it going on... awesome stuff they make
Richard aka vintech # 78 on his Honda GC 160 has added on 2 more
riders to the Joker Machine Racing team! :D

Matt W #70 GC160 5 HP

Tyler R #52 GC160 5 HP

The Mid Range racing class is really shaping up for some fun racing.

Check the racer number list on page one of this thread. There are
only a few double digit numbers left.
If you are riding at the next race on Sat June 2nd reserve your number
now. :)

This Felt Deep Six is one of the future Joker Machine GC 160 builds.



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Jul 28, 2010
SoCal Baby!!!
We plan to be at this one. :)
Hey Norm, you are really going to like the track.
You got # 68 from the Willow Springs race.

We are running Grange clockwise this time so you will be on an even
footing with everyone who already has experience running it the other
way for the last 2 races.

The 2 stroke class is getting really competitive, here is a heat starting line
up from the last SoCal Motor Bicycle Racing event on April 7th

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