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  • Won't be making it to the races this weekend. I have a 3 shoe clutch that needs to get to dmb and was hoping I could give it to you to give to him. I can stop by your house and leave it early Friday morning...
    I got the feeling that you didn't want to ride up to the races with us. Went for a ride with Mark (the guy I was going to go to the races with) the other day. He stopped every other block to tinker with his bike and I never got out of idle when he was riding.

    I started getting a little upset and he decided he didn't want to go to the races...
    wow, sent you a PM the other day but it's not in my sent messages folder so sending you another.

    Have 9 new riders responded to the craigslist ad and the ad here. Send me a link to a running map route for our next ride and I'll post it with a date for the next group ride!
    Have 7 new people interested in our group rides. Once a couple more sign up let's post a date!
    Oh sh** man! I just read that you wrapped your slant around a steel pole and finished it off into a concrete wall.
    I hope that you are doing well, all things considered. Good luck with the bike repairs. Call me if you need anything. I have a small pile of bike bones in the back yard.
    Congrats to scotto for his 1st place finish in the 11 hp Gas bike class!
    Thanks to for the cool prizes and to Dave
    of from the custom trophies.

    I will be here, chompin' at the bit, instead of there...:(
    I hope you guys have a most excellent ride! Perhaps someone will have video a camera going to record all the "bobbing and weaving" through the Americas Cup traffic. :D
    A definite display of why MB's are better for commuting!
    Thank you much Dave, had a great day indeed today! My new race bike is really coming together nicely.......loving this build!

    Cheers buddy,
    Been messing around with the idea of doing my own nickel plating. Being the cheap ass that I am I'm trying to make my own nickel chloride as we speak to make my own plating dip. I'll know in about a week if my plan works, otherwise I guess I'll break down and buy some nickel oxide. Need that, some distilled water, distilled vinegar and a power source (gonna use a computer power supply). I'll let you know how it works out soon in case you want to nickel plate any of your tandem parts. Not as shiney as chrome it's old school for bicycle parts.

    Check ya later...get that 6th Group Ride goin' dude!
    I got my board tracker some of the way along. Got the frame welded together and made some forks like the Retro Monarch Forks. Found some guy in Washington state selling a bike with front brake drum and 3 speed rear hub with brake drum for $130. He said he'd just sell me the hubs for the same price. Strung me along for 5 weeks sayng he'd mail them to me C.O.D. but never came through. Too bad...would have been the icing on the cake to get some old hubs like that...sigh.'re a busy beaver aren't you! I'm guessing from the tarp in your yard that you're doing your own sandblasting, you doing the brazing and welding too? Nice fillets on those welds. Have you ever used the silver brazing rods? I like them ALOT thought they're getting hard to find now. Home Depot doesn't carry them anymore nor does my favorite hardware stores. ACE Hardware in PB still has them (or did last time I bought some) cause the rental yard next door uses them often. They're MUCH stronger than brass brazing rod and flow just as well.
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