rawr from dallas, tx... well i lied, addison tx to be technical, mate



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Nov 1, 2008
Dallas, tx
so i'm new to the motorbike scene. what got me onto it is that my license is suspended. I checked moped laws and found out that, that was a no-no with a suspended license. I just needed something to get me to school and work. I got my motor 5 days ago... I got everything set up except for the chain.. I found that my raw 80cc kit came with a motorcycle chain... so i have to wait for the motorcycle tool to come in this upcoming fri. at first i thought there was something wrong with the motor cuz the engine didnt turn on when i flip the switch from "off " to "run" but I read that you have to peddle with the chain on the sprocket and the clutch in to get the motor to start? I hope that it'll run and I wont have any problems once i get the chain on. Anyways, what's up from dallas guys. I guess im another newbie to add to your collection.

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Jan 8, 2008
up north now
Welcome to the forum....feel free to ask any questions.

Look around and aquaint yourself with the site, you will find world class experts and lots of personalities....


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Nov 26, 2009
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Howdy. I bet I can help you a bunch. If you have everything set up right, you pedal hard to about 10mph and dump the clutch to pop start the bike. Use your momentum to turn the engine over till it fires. You may have to use the choke lever the first try or two. Like a weedeater : full choke for a couple "pulls", then half choke till it starts and warms up, give it some throttle, then when it will idle, put on Run and have at it.