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  • Course they can't be a piece of junk either, and I know for fact your's isn't. When I finish my build. I will go back to the State Police Barracks for them to check it out. Also to get from them the points I'll need in the case someone attempts to puity a spin on what laws we actually have before us and get it in writing. If not buy the new New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law book myself. They are available at the NYMV. So if the locals attempt to play a game with it, they'll see the mountain they have to climb. See how it goes.. Good luck to you!
    }"His Officer would not lie!" I spun my license up on his bench and told him to stick it where the sun don't shine, as I will not support corrupt cops nor a corrupt court. That was 2001. But remember seeing your Bike on Glen Street parked most every day. Sounds like one of the new cops you got nailed by. Unjustly so, as the State Police tell me, the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law book still has no mention of them in the book. There in they are to be treated as a bicycle, except for those place ruling out motorized vehicles. Such as the bike path. {Continued}
    Hi CabinFever.
    My name is Lionel. I live across the bridge in SGF, originally born in Schuylerville. And I'd seen your Motorized Bicycle many times in GF. I can't believe what I read happen to you in 2010. I called the loocal State Police Barrackls before I ever started my build. I'll be checking it out again with the Local State Police Barracks when I am done building it. I'm going to guess the Judge was the most ignorant Krogman and his personal BS bragade of mindless boneheaded Drones. Or Lt, Eggleston, which again is the same thing. They cover for the criminals, and yet trump up that against honest citizens. Luckily we have a few good Officers like Dave. Hey. and I have no license at all, when one of Krogman's Cronies trupted up a ticket on me, then a Driver for Tri-County Cab. I had the proof saquesterd to police lock up that the officer was outright lying. The proof was stolen from lock up. Krogman played a game with it and said {Continued
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