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    Gentlemen :Here at long last are some pictures of my workstand .as you can see it's made completely from recycled junk, mainly an old exercise machine .and a few hardware store parts but basically under 20 bucks .the main idea is the two outriggers can slide along the pipe allowing you to fit any size frame from a kids bike all the way to a tandem. the outriggers are just covered with pipe foam which is cheap easy to replace and works really well .the brackets on the side of the stand , holds a small tool tray which can swivel in and out. The tray is set at a height that is *underneath most cranks so it's really convenient . And perfect when you're working with small parts especially. the beauty of using the exercise machine was there was no height adjustment necessary as they're basically designed for people between 5 foot six and 6 foot.
    Hoisting an motorized bicycle up onto the stand can be a little trouble . I generally have help or rig a pulley system .*
    We all know theres no bigger hassle then trying to work on your rear wheel on the ground all alone! So if you weld or know somebody who does ,keep your eyes peeled on garbage day ...
    Sorry about the dropbox links ? The forum does not seem to care for apple os? Jul 29, 9 24 50 AM.jpg Jul 29, 9 24 24 AM.jpg Jul 29, 9 23 20 AM.jpg Jul 29, 9 23 56 AM.jpg

    And last of all if I can do it you can do it .... Mar 28, 15 03 16.jpg
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