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  • whats up? i just started a profile on here but have been motorbicycling for awhile now. i have a heavy duty axle on my ride and the band brake is ok but i dont think it will be very reliable. meaning the band wont last. i want to put a disc brake on but dont wanna spend the doe if the conversion piece wont fit on the hub. i hav quite a few performance parts on my ride so i will be beating that band brake up. any help on what would be a good idea would help. thanks
    I've seen you guys ride thru Zion last year. Inspired me to build a bike. When do you all meet up for rides this summer? Thanks, Dave.
    i am new here but not to motor bikes and i hav a new one for yall to help me with , were can o find a convertion kit to put the motor on an occ chopper bike with the fat tire so the chain will run right and not pop off the drive gear in the motor
    shop dogs, need any parts or a bike, check swap and shop, i put a video on there and a couple pics, i also have some other stuff too, let me know. i have a badass bike for sale- only 600
    whats up shop dogs, just to let u know, i posted a couple of events in event section under illinois/chicago riders. i know your up north and events are out south, but those are the shows im aware of.its gettin close to end of season and now that my bikes together just tryin to make it to as many as possible.also if ya know of any up north, post em in events section.and please let a brother know next time yous are goin ridin, ill come up there. im fiendin to get out and ride with somebody.rock on
    hey shop dogs, what was the name of that path u guys rode a while back, i thought u were sayin its like 25 miles long , and there was a tavern at the end somewhere?-lol, just curious
    95th and ridgeland(oak lawn) tues sept 6th, 6-9 pm, bring your bike, lets get as many of us together as possible
    you should really let me know about that ride in Wisconsin. I would love to get out and see what else is going on in this great state.
    Hey man my name is Arthur. My uncle owns a small resort not too far from you. 132 and Granada, basiclly. 4th Lake Resort. Ever been there?
    Hey dude. I've been through decatur a time or two. Its not too far east of macomb. please do let me know when ya'll are planning on getting together. I'll throw the mini hog in the back of my truck and head on over!
    hi there howas it going like to find out more on that fender mod maybe get parts jim with schwinn drifter
    Right on got to start somewhere! We (Rich Cycles)and I should stop by and check it out sometime see what you all got going !finishing up on mine got the drive gear set up put on just a little tweeking to get it right but I will be able to finish up in the next few days and be ready when the weather breaks keeps Us in mind when you guys start riding see if we cant join in sometime till then Happy Building
    Right now i'm looking for a store front,so i run things by appt. But never turned anyone away yet. As far as the club we are all friends and relatves so far . We try and hold a couple of rallys a season to meet other riders and see if they fit in.
    We have some great routes picked out both north and south of waukegan and once a year in wisconsin
    Nice I havent been in that area in years my Grandmother lived over there she worked @ Goulds bakery and had an apartment a coulpe blocks east of there . Im just now getting into the MB world ( Thanks to Rich Cycles) and about to complete my first ride looking forward to hitting the open road ! Is your shop open to the public ? or just a shop for the club we to have a few gear heads in the area that help us get it done.
    Right now theres five guys in waukegan two in zion and one prospect in kenosha, theres four or five guys in our brother club in decatur (40 mph gang) and hopfully adding some new guys this summer or gals all the better. I live near jackson and glenflora in waukegan (back in an older neiborhood) i have a shop set up for mb's and john (one of the old guys) Has nice welding shop at his place near weiss field on lewis
    Were you ride at around here?
    hey prussian just checking in thought I would say hey and looking forward to this summer how many shop dog are there ? where in waukegan you guys at ?
    Whats happening prussian, I will get back to you real soon, I heard about you guys from some friends that watch for us gas bicycle builders and the dude on 33rd. I just got into this this year. I have built 3 now sold my Indian bike but have my Harley and Hot Wheels bike. lol. I love these things man.
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