please help sooo frusturated


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Feb 5, 2014
Hey all, so I have a major issue! I just spent days creating this amazing build go to start it today and noting... Ive got spark, compression, and fuel. My timing is at TDC. I dont have any leaks at the intake, or anywhere as far as i can tell. I dont know the only name i can find on the motor is RICO GROUP. The motor is used but the previous owner says it ran great when he last ran the bike i took it out of.Come to find out he was OBVIOUSLY lying!!! The clutch pads are ery worn so i tightned the clutch way down and even tried pulling it with the car like that just to try to got SOMETHING!!! My only option left that i can think is possibly a clogged exhaust.PLEASEEEEE HELPPPP!!! At this point anything will help ahha!!! Also i have been building these for a little while now and have a few that run amazingly, but this one has me Stumped!!!
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Sep 4, 2008
Are you able to post a pic of your Rico motor? A member may recognize it and have some experience with getting them running. The exact same engine can be sold under many different brand names.


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Sep 15, 2008
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You need to start here >

Read through the first couple of posts and follow the instructions carefully.
This question has been asked hundreds of times and if you take the time to read what and how to check the essentials you will either get the engine to run or at least determine why it doesn't.

You need three things: Fuel, air and ignition. Confirm them. If there is a problem with any one of the three you're on your way to finding out why the engine doesn't run.

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Aug 19, 2009
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If it were correct it would run.

If 2door's link to Al.Fisherman's excellent tutorial does not help (and this would be shocking), try the following as well:

Getting fuel to the carburetor does not mean that the carburetor is getting the correct amount of fuel inside the engine.
After trying to start the engine, remove the spark plug and see if it is wet with fuel or dry.

Getting spark when the spark plug is simply resting on the cylinder head does not mean that it will still spark when it is under the stresses of compression inside the engine.

What is the fuel level in the carburetor bowl?
Is the fuel jet clear, not clogged?
Have you tried a new spark plug?
Is the mag rotor on backwards? If it is you will still get spark only it will be timed wrong.
How good is the compression? Can you do a compression test with a compression gauge?

We all here have helped out literally hundreds of folks to get their bikes running and running very well.
If you can work with us to help you and follow the suggestions we share, your engine too can run very well. Never skip over a step or assume that because something looks good from the outside that it is good on the inside.