1. J

    70cc Engine Tuning Advise Needed

    Hi, I have brought about all the upgrades you can have for my 70cc engine (jaguar cdi, banana muffler, performance carby, iridium spark etc). So I am now looking to do some work on the engine. I was thinking of starting off by just cleaning up all the ports & polishing everything. But...
  2. B

    please help sooo frusturated

    Hey all, so I have a major issue! I just spent days creating this amazing build go to start it today and noting... Ive got spark, compression, and fuel. My timing is at TDC. I dont have any leaks at the intake, or anywhere as far as i can tell. I dont know the only name i can find on the motor...
  3. RF1911

    Need help picking out a cruiser!

    Hello all I need to find a good cruiser to mount a 80cc motor on. link to any bikes would be great any thing in Ontario is better any opinions or advise is welcome Thanks Richard cflg .bld.