Ohio Motorized Bicycle law



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Jan 25, 2009
galion ohio
Hi everyone:
This is my first go at this web site. I have been trying to get answers fron BMW about an electric operated bicycle and have been getting the run around. I am collecting all of the Ohio Motorized Bicycle laws that are now on the books and will be writing the state law makers.

Thus fair I have found that in Section 4501-23-19 of the Ohio Code states:
Assembly by person other than manufacturer.
Nothing in these rules and regulations prohibit a person other than a manufacture from constructing, assembling etc. a vehicle (motorized bicycle) as long as it complies with 4511.01H of the Ohio code. In other words it must have break light,head light,turn signals, horn, and rear view mirror.

But if you go to the information about Moped you will find that if it is not on the list you can not run it. I am going to try to get electric bicycles allowed in Ohio. As I belive that they are the coming thing. Any help that any of you can give will be appreciated


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May 4, 2009
acme labs marion ohio
i'm from marion, not far from you, in ohio there the same as mopeds, as far as self building that seems to be a factor of where you live. in marion you can get a self builders title for just about anything, in other countys you get the run around.