New guy with "two" Whizzers neither running well...


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Nov 8, 2010
Beverly Hills, Florida
Hi all you Whizzer guys and girls. I've had my TWO used Whizzers for a couple of years (one in Beverly Hills, FL; the other at my mother's in Western PA.--2000's ??--the newer is probably a 2007 model from the factory). Both have the same problem. First, can you tell me how I know what model engine(s) I have. i.e. where do I find a model no.?--on the frame or where on the engine? One has a different, newer carb than the other. But both are having the same problem:
As soon as they heat up a bit--within 3 or 4 minutes, they completely lose power, no matter the choke setting, though full choke would probably stall the engine completely. They work fine until they heat up--weird science!

It seems like fuel problems, as both continue to run at a rough idle, but both lose 95% power and would also stall if the throttle is opened too wide. Got any ideas? scratg --Jim

Also, where do I find the carb restrictor "fix"--that is, how to do it. I saw simply widen the restrictor to the size of the opening and that I may be taking a chance on overheating. I pulled the exhaust baffles once on both to check power and don't believe I put them back in backwards or anything. I believe they only go in one way, anyway, but I suppose anything's possible. On the newer bike I had to temporarily take the small bubble-sized fuel "strainer/sight-indicator" :confused: out, as that cheap plastic two-piece bubble and rubber hose, both, were leaking and split. The older bike(with the vertically operated choke, vice the newer with the horizontally operated one) doesn't have one of those anyway. What good is that clear bubble thing and where can I get another if I really do need it? My local dealer is out of business.
Thanks again for any help.
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Jul 9, 2009
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Hey Jim,
Welcome to the forum. Wish I could help you and also wish I had a Whizzer. Help will come your way. Quenton is the go to guy for Whizzers and there are others here who own and ride them. Lots of cumulative knowledge. Good luck to you.


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Sep 17, 2010
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If they have sat a while, your pilot jet is probably clogged. Anytime I have a motor that runs better choked when warmed up, I suspect the pilot tract. Clean the main jet while you're in there.