1. T

    New to Whizzer

    Hello all just bought this was looking for a little help. Can you tell me year by the VIN? Also looking for leads for a manual. Any help appreciated thank you for your time!
  2. R

    1999 Whizzer tension release

    I recently bought a 1999 Whizzer and spent the weekend getting it running, the issue is I don't fully understand the tension release/clutch (the leaver on the left). I am able to start the bike just fine but pulling that lever so that I can set the bike down without it launching off takes a ton...
  3. YoungWizzerH

    Whizzer H rebuild HS Senior Project

    Hello beautiful people, hope your day is going well. I recently came into possession of a 1946 Whizzer H motor and I need tips on how to convert the motor for a 26-inch wheel bike. I am aware this means I need a different size sheave (rear pulley) and belt if anyone has some info on this...
  4. G

    We built four bikes--All work with problems

    The Shark kit from King Motors was missing parts that we bought extra over the internet because they wouldn't send any that were missing. We rejetted two the make them go fasted, welded in motor mounts and changed tanks. No instructions didn't bother us but it will other people. Photos are of...
  5. RocketJ

    Merkel Motor Wheel?

    I've always been facinated by Joe Merkel's Motor wheel design. I've studied the patents, but it's still difficult to udnerstand how a hub based engine works with a coaster wheel. I found this restoration build, but still no dice. Anyone have an idea? I'd love to give this a try with a more...
  6. A

    Help/Advice on 2001 whizzer pacemaker 2

    Got a 2001 whizzer pacemaker 2 autoclutch. Had 97miles on it, at around 164 now. Don't have much experience but want to make this last if i can. Any advice on keeping it going? I have heard that the motors are problematic. Any affordable solutions? Also, when I give it full throttle the motor...
  7. B

    26 x 2.5 Wheels

    Anyone know of a vender that has a 26 x2.5 preferably steel wheel. Aluminum would be OK but I would like to find steel. This is what was used on the Simplex Servi-Cycle. I'm looking for an alternative to original. Thanks, Bob
  8. W

    2002 Whizzer Pacemaker 2 Carb Tuning

    Hello ladies and gentleman, Im new to the forums here. Ive been around the block a few times with motorized bicycles, and now i have stepped up the the Whizzer level. I just purchased my first real whizzer on friday. It is a 2002 whizzer pacemaker 2. I found it in michigan and bought it...
  9. W

    Leaking Fluid - any ideas?

    So I just got my whizzer back from the shop undergoing a brake replacement. I'm not very well versed in working with motorbikes so I have a little trouble assessing what is going on with my bike. Anyways, I picked it up Saturday (today is Tuesday) and after riding it home and parking it, I...
  10. A

    autoclutch to coaster brake?

    I think I remember reading somewhere that a Whizzer that uses an autoclutch cannot also use a coaster rear brake? Or is it a manual clutch bike cannot use a drum brake? I'm not sure either statement makes any sense, or why either would be true? Maybe something to do with starting the bike...
  11. Donavan321

    Anyone successfully mount a HT bicycle engine or Huasheng to a Whizzer frame?

    Was wondering if anyone on here, has restored, fixed up, freshly painted or powder coated any kind of Whizzer frame? I'm sure it's been done, I just haven't seen anything. Either a 2-stroke Ht kit, or the 4-stroke huasheng. Let me know!
  12. J

    Restoring 49 Whizzer 20" Sportsman

    I'm just starting a restore of a 20" Whizzer Sportsman . I know these were orginally painted a maroon color that I would like to match. Does anyone know what color match this may be? Also the pictures I have seen show tan striping I need this color as well. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. O

    1947 Whizzer - Project for Sale !!!

    FOR SALE VERY RARE Project Bike !!! 1947 Whizzer !!! WHIZZER Model H on a "Schwinn World" Frame. Frames is pre-1948 Schwinn office fire (where all records were destroyed.) ALL PARTS COMPLETE ! (currently separated into boxes). -- Tillotson carburator -- Gas tank is...
  14. JimGives

    New guy with "two" Whizzers neither running well...

    Hi all you Whizzer guys and girls. I've had my TWO used Whizzers for a couple of years (one in Beverly Hills, FL; the other at my mother's in Western PA.--2000's ??--the newer is probably a 2007 model from the factory). Both have the same problem. First, can you tell me how I know what model...