Motoring in alaska!!!


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Apr 8, 2011
I am pretty new at this bike stuff, I have always been a car person. I still love the classics, I have a 52 chevy deluxe and a mint 79 ford f250. My father-in-law built a bike and when I rode it I had to have one! I have ordered my engine (grubee) and I am currently looking for a bike. Want to keep it like a rat rod, flat black with white walls and red rims. Hard to get stuff here in alaska, shipping cost will put you in the poor house. But when a man has a project somethings have to be done. So if you have any suggestions I would be open to them, or if you have any tuning tech, or stay away from that part knowlede please share! Thanks!



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Jan 19, 2011
i hope it is not a new grubee sky hawk.. i just got one and had all kinds of problems with it.. one thing after another till i just scraped it. i ordered a mega motors kit and got a old skyhawk kit. it looks to be the same as the first one i got, and it was a great lil motor, rest its soul.:( so im looking forward to see if how this one holds up.

i would go with a zoombicycles motor if you can get one. its the most solid motor iv seen yet. my new skyhawk has a goofy head that smashed my NGK plug, cut a ring in my piston and had M6 head bolts thats would not hold it down or would break..

and by the way.. welcome to the forum!