rat rod

  1. cmadrid40

    Rat Fink 212cc

    The project has been underway for a few (10) months now, was going to be a quick covid project that has manifested into a lot of fun with a lot of work to go...Bike is first gen Electra Rat Fink, the intention is to set it up with a 212cc Predator. This is my first bike build but I am...
  2. I

    Project revival

    About a year and a half ago i set out customize my Cranbrook, and never really finished the mods (http://motorbicycling.com/showthread.php?t=41750&highlight=my+cranny+mod). Well under a different account I will now resume that build now to be a daily driver to school (i am a sophomore in high...
  3. S

    Motoring in alaska!!!

    I am pretty new at this bike stuff, I have always been a car person. I still love the classics, I have a 52 chevy deluxe and a mint 79 ford f250. My father-in-law built a bike and when I rode it I had to have one! I have ordered my engine (grubee) and I am currently looking for a bike. Want to...