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Mar 7, 2011
Just wanted to introduce myself to the group. I have been following this forum and different threads for awhile now. I stumbled across this site when I was looking into building a board track racer. At first, I was thinking full-fledged motorcycle, but after seeing the various bicycle BTR builds, I was hooked.

Right now I am working with sportscarpat on my first build. Those of you who are familiar with Pat know he makes great products. Kind of funny, with Pat making the vast majority of the parts, I don't think I can really call it "my" build. None-the-less, when it is all said and done, it should be one sweet ride.

So, what is going to be special about this build? It will be powered by a GX200 (4-stroke) clone engine. Given all the performance parts out there, it is apparently possible to take these engines from 6.5HP all the way up to 26HP. Sick, huh? Also, given what I have read in various threads about tire wear, flats and speed ratings, I am going to rely on Cobrafreak's experience and go with Coker Simplex 26x2.5 tires (ordered them today). I wish they came in white / antique white, or even white-walls, but they don't. Black it is. One other thing I would like to do is mimic the original throttle linkage that the old Indian BTRs had (the "monkey linkage"). If anyone has tried this before, please let me know -- I would like to leverage your experience.

Well, enough said for now. Looking forward to participating in some of the threads and continuing to learn from everyone.

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May 1, 2011
Newnan,Georgia U.S.A.
That sounds like its going to fly! I hope you're spending more money on brakes than most because you will need them. We will need to see pics!