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    First and foremost I would like to appoligize to Pacesetter for my rant on his build thread!
    I see nothing wrong with what he did or how he accomplished it!
    What I saw was a blatant double standard!
    As some of you know I was berated and threatened!,with being BANNED!for pinching my down tube 1/16".
    For those of you that are tape-measure challenged thats one of those little lines.
    I was told that because I sell my MB's that was dubious practices!
    I was told this by a person that from his own admission has very limited fabrication skills at best!and it shows!
    This is the e-mail I found in my box yesterday!
    Before it was edited!

    1.He's not actively recommending nor selling this to others.
    2.A proper crimping tool.
    3.It's not the down tube.
    4.Stays are doubled w/ the weakened portions facing each other for strength.

    The rest was left as is!
    So let me address what I read in my e-mail!
    1.Your absolutely right he's not recommending nor selling this to others!
    Pat,Norm,anyone else that has modified and sold a frame are you reading this?
    2.I built a tool to "pinch" the down tube!
    In my 35 yrs of experience it's proper!
    3.The down tube is at least 4 times stronger with less stress on it.and it's only "pinched"1/16"
    The seat and the chain stays are transfuring the stress of your weight to the back half of the frame!
    4.Look at the picture again! I can't even respond to that comment!
    So I'm pulling the plug on my postings because of the blatant double standards and "Preachings" from the Bully pulpit!Kip.
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    no need to give up. this forum is very mild compared to most, i post on sites that would have most people here committing suicide after there first post. i have to watch myself so i don't e-thug here. this site isn't the place for that kind of stuff, but the sites that are can be fun if you have a thick skin.
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    People say what they feel no big deal. Keep up the good work. Ive seen what you did and it looks a lot stronger then drilling a hole in your frame and that is common pratice around here. (not by me lol) Dont let it get to ya kid forget about those guys and keep on keeping on. Peace
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    I don't even know where to start, but I see my name & a few references to what could be me, so I'll just jump in...

    First of all... Any modifications that I do to MY frames is squarely on MY shoulders & MY reputation as a bike builder. I can only advise others from my good & bad experiences & personal opinions. I've done some pretty crazy things with frames; Some worked great & have lasted for years; some cracked & needed repairing. I thank God that no one was hurt & I learned a lot about how to modify bikes safely. (& I'm always trying to learn more.)

    I don't remember who posted about pinching a down tube to make the engine fit? (I thought it was someone else), but I do remember it was someone who was selling bikes & everyone bashed him for pinching it; I also remember chimming in to say that "the frame would probably be OK, but as a dealer he shouldn't take the chance & should make a propper mount." (& it just looks professional.)

    As for you "being done" here... don't get mad or quit!, Paul & the mods are actually extremely reasonable & fair about everyones BS; (including mine.)

    I was actually banned from the 'other' site for posting pictures that were too big!! :rolleyes:
    It didn't bother me because it really sux compared to this site!

    Just hang in there Kip; be smart about what you type & keep a positive attitude! (You'll catch more flys with honey than pi$$ & vinegar.) ;)
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    Don't bail the ship Kip....smooth sailing up ahead. I must say that I've never pinched a down tube intentionally, but I frequently pinch a loaf! True story laff


    stick around
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    Hey Kip. I've read a lot of your posts and you always had good solid advice and info based on experiance. I hope you're not done, it would be our loss. A couple of weeks ago I helped a fellow forum member complete his installation of a chinese 2 stroke into a chinese Micargi he purchased from Spooky Tooth. He had the front tube squished a little but not enough to clear the studs. When I asked if that was a good idea, he said he was unstructed to do so. I had seen the posts about crimping the tube but actually it just ovallized it somewhat. I didn't see how it could weaken it, so I made it fit by squishing it more. The front mount fit real nice after that and the rear lined up perfect. I won't hesitate to do it again if I need to.
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    Don't let stuff get to you! It's out there in full bloom...think of the stupidest thing you can imagine...someone in internet land already has you beat!

    It's the internet...there are people who like to hide behind thier computer and get thier jollies being annoying!

    I had a guy call and ask me..."do you recon the sprocket adapter you sell really works"

    I said "I don't know"...I buy them from China!

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    I don't think so. Your a great member! Everyone has ideas. That's what makes US the Best FORUM there is. Your a better man than that. We NEED you. So don't let a bad day get you down. laff

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