I need help with Whizzer clutch slipping

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Mar 20, 2008
Los Angeles, CA.
Hey fellas... I'm working on a Whizzer for a friend & the clutch is slipping really bad!!

I've tightened all the belts, but the problem seems to be in the clutch pads aren't grabbing enough.
I sand papered the pad & bell surfaces, & even removed the springs that pull the three clutch pads in... This all helped a little, but the bike is still winding at really high RPMs & barely moving. :(

Any ideas? Are there any heavier pads I can buy for it?

I included some pics of the clutch... Thanks in advance! :)


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Nov 28, 2012
sf bay area
I don’t remember who sells it, but there is a max-torque based jackshaft out there for these. There is a problem in that the spacing gets messed up because whizzers usually had a manual clutch with the JS pulleys right next to each other. I’m trying to fix the issue on my buddies whizzer with the max-torque auto clutch. Probably going to move the motor about a half inch to the left.

also you may want to run a cogged type v-belt for the front due to the tiny pulley. Believe it is the AX style belt.

Can’t really help with that stock clutch though
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