High performance carburators????

Discussion in 'Motorized Bicycle General Discussion' started by toker_ace, Jan 1, 2010.

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    dont get the high performance carb... you can get a 16mm carb (the high performance one is still 12mm) for the same price made by dellorto, who used to make carbs for Porsche, so you know theyre good.
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    I'm still thinking BILLET INTAKE- and at only about$15 shipped.

    It doesn't matter how wide the carb port opening is if it's still reduced by the same size intake.

    The ports on the motor have a larger opening than either intake anyway- only a new wider intake, then combined with a wider carb port would seem to make a difference in mixure flow.

    I don't think there's yet a billet intake made larger to accomodate larger ports, but I could be wrong.

    If I'd seen the CNS for $40 awhile back, I might have ordered one- but I think I'd have clearance problems on my Micargi Cruiser- Spooky includes an extra long offset intake- placing the carb even farther from the motor.

    The billet I bought from Pirates is as wide as the motor ports on that side, and close to the motor- it seems to give a lot better performance with the old carb. Still haven't tried the new NTS, but this week probably-

    The CNS carb may have real clearance problems especially with the billet intake- but I've seen pictures of builds here using both. THe stock and new NTS carbs barely clear my frame now that the carbs been lowered with the billet intake.

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