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    I just got the crazy idea of building one of these motor-bicycles 2 days ago. I am actually planning on getting my motor first and just buy a bike that will fit the kit best at my nearest store. Not sure what I can say about myself....PC tech that loves building things and trying new things and this will just add to the adventure that is life. Its been pretty much nonstop research since the day I stumbled upon motobicycles and the question i keep asking myself is what engine kit to get for my first build!? and finally it has come down to one of these two

    Since i cant post links... the two are both from kingsmotorbikes and i havent decided if I want the:
    GRUBEE StarFire GT-2 48cc or
    Jet 80cc
    Both 2 stroke engines.

    I will probably order one of the two as soon as I wake up tomorrow and was hoping someone would give me some input. Thx in advance.
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    Welcome to the forum, glad you joined us.

    I got my motor from King's but that was before they went with Grubee and teamed up with other vendors.

    I have never used either motor but I have heard okay things about the GT-2.

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    Welcome to the forum great place good ta have ya!
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    i have the 48cc dualstart StarFire GT-2 from gasbike.net(almost the same as kings website) and i really like it.tips: get a bike with tall frame,cruiser tires and disc brakes or coaster brakes would be nice.mine is shoehorned on a roadmaster sx sport mountain bike.the dualstart needs wide cranks and peddals,unless engine can be mounted higher.
    make sure to have room for carb and sparkplug.take your time and align the sprocket with engine.
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