hello from GA



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Jul 8, 2008
Hello everyone. I have been a lurker for about 2 months now and bought my first 70cc kit from thatsdax a couple of weks ago. I have this mounted on a 26" 21 speed Diamonback wildwood comfort cruiser. I should have some pics up soon. I have learned a great deal from this forum and thanks to all for that info.

I have had a couple of minor issues. My first was losing the idle screw and spring. I searched and searched and cannot find it down the road. Next, my carb float is cracked or not manufactured very well. It fills up with gas and does not do its job in shutting down the gas flow. I found a screw and machined to take place of the original idle screw, but have waisted more gas going down the road, due to the float. I have sent an email to Dax to get a replacement float. Not heard back as of yet, I will give him some time. If this keeps on happening I will probably splurge and get the Dellorto that I have been reading about here.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase decision, Duane shipped out the tensioner wheel promptly that was missing, so hopefully I will get the float out soon as well. This is definetly a defect. Otherwise I have been having fun riding the bike. I am 6'5" ad 240# so the extra gears help with pedaling and helping the motor along.

I replaced the stock clutch handle and throttle grip that came with the kit and bought two aluminum shimano type break levers for $16.00, to use in place of the original items. I also used silicone oven mitt type material for the motor mounts and gas tank to cut down on the vibration. This stuff works pretty well and I was able to get 2 10"x10" sqares of the material for about $2.50.

Oh well, I should get some pics up soon once uploaded.:ride2: