Flat resistent tires?

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    The tire construction plays a big part in resisting punctures. Once a goat head or cholla gets through the tire carcass, the tube is next.

    Good tires have higher thread counts, and more plies. This also resists cuts better. Some bicycle tires have only 60 threads per inch, while other tires will have 180 to 240 threads per inch. Thread count is not always related to ply count.

    More plies can take a glass cut, and keep going. Yes the tire is damaged, but it will still get you home. Multi-ply construction costs more. But it can be well worth the price if you commute on a bicycle.

    Riding in a mixed urban environment I see cactus, goat heads, broken glass, nails, etc. I have had good service from Continental Sport Contact tires (180 tpi) here, but it is mostly dry pavement riding.

    My brother commutes in so cal daily, and runs the Country Plus - says he has not had a wheel off the bike in many months. He can see "stuff" broken off in the tire, but it still holds air. They are a good tire for people that hate to tear a bike down on the road. He does run a liner in them, and they are heavy compared to my contacts. Good all-purpose tread.

    Just my 2 cents, after years of pedaling.

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    I used to have rear flats nearly every other week I think.. The perils of riding to work in an industrial area. I tried wrapping a split tube around my new tube and it improved the situation. I replaced the rear tire with a Kenda one from Wallymart with the kevlar strip in it. When I changed it instead of jacketing the good tube, I folded the split one in about 3 layers between the tire and the tube. I keep my pressure a few psi lower (55-60 instead of 60-65) and it's doing really well so far.
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    That tubes at wally with the green slim do work really great! There 5x thicker tubing with the slime..I have a solid inner tube on my bike! No air all solid rubber! I will see if I can find the maker and post it. I hate getting flats.
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    I concur with you on this except the tube labeled stuff is better I think. I have done both and always will have this product in my bikes. I absolutely hate the ride quality of those liners as well! They are not in any of my bikes.

    I got to work in a small engine shop over the summer. We had all kinds of mopeds and ATV's come in to the shop. Boss man introduced me to the Briggs&Stratten brand sealer basically slime just a different color. It has thicker partials in it for tubeless tires. We put it in tubes to. That stuff looked really good. I used slime for prolly 30 years or so now.

    I would feel so sorry for kids and their little mopeds. Always a flat tire with the Goathead Stickers here. Ayup permanent fix period. Those kids could go have fun again and not cry about a dead puppy.

    Bike shop right up the street from me has slime by the 5 gallon bucket in back. We got stickers here. It gives them a good reputation. I remember when I was young and the oldest bike shop in town here showed that stuff to me. He had just a BMX rim and a 2x4 with nails. He would let a customer put a puncture in the tire spin it and hand them a spray bottle. Was the greatest thing I ever saw. Been enjoying life ever since.

    One of the problems is the weight weenies and their thin size tires as well. lol. The preslimed tubes don't have the proper amount of product in them. Then you get the silly I had to patch the tube story. Have not patched a tube ever. I don't even own a patch kit and have no intention of getting one ether.lol.

    Heck just one of my tubes last year I was having to air the tire up once a week. When the tire was finally bald enough to change out ''rear'' I found a shard of wire three pyrocantha thorns ''brutal things'' and the ever familiar array of countless goatheads. I know I had run over a small nail too. pulled that one out.

    Thing is if you park it it may leak a bit ? Just air it up and ride it! The important part is I had plenty of product in that tube from the get go. Did not have to add more because of it ether. It did its job. I had put over 2000 miles on that tire and only assembled it to the rim one TIME..Just one example of a good success story I have had a great many of them!

    Never walk the dog home....
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    Wrong, I was using the regular Slime until I realized that the regular stuff doesn't handle the types of punctures you get on a pit bike when trail riding. This stuff is the same as the tube or bottle slime, except has larger chunks of stuff and it's higher viscosity so it seals better rather than being watery.

    That being said, it's still water based, all Slime brand is.

    Flix-a-flat is a whole different story, lol.
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