Ever been run off a road?


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Aug 27, 2016
Corpus Christi TX
I've been run off the road twice now in the last few years.. keeping over close to the shoulder to alow cars to get by.. where most drivers will move a bit over to be safe, both my hit and run drivers didn't think I had the right.. I can only guess, and ran me off in to the curb where I crashed once and the other time where I was able to save it after causing a bad wobble, and pulled back on to the road again.. Only to have the jerk who push me off the road, now in front.. Then quickly
Slamming on his brakes to cause me to crash in to his suv hard enuff to not only dent the rear but total my bike myself, and any faith in the CCPD Corpus Christi Police Dept
as they wouldn't investigate the drivers actions even after several witnesses had chased the guy down and held him for the cops and I to blame or legally charge
Anyone else had anything like that happen?
Or have the police refuse to investigate your hit and run?

Larry Trotter

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Nov 26, 2017
Had you flipped them off? Usually people do something like that when they feel they have been insulted or inconvienced.


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May 1, 2011
A couple of years ago a friend of mine got banged up pretty good by a careless driver, he was riding close to the curb where two lanes merge to one with the right lane ending. A driver behind a slower car decided to swing around in the right lane and beat the slow car to the merge, the speeding driver probably didn't see my friend till after he darted around the car, his momentum cause him to hit my friends handle bars. He hit the curb and cartwheeled across the grass lawn of a business. The speeder didn't stop and no one got his tag number, the bike ended near the end of the merge spinning around with the throttle stuck.


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Feb 13, 2019
I live in a area where 80percent of the drivers are asian, it's bad really bad out on the streets especially during commute hours these people are the worst drivers and they do hit bicyclist and drive away, they suck for road curticy I suggest you drive aggressively bob and weave zig n zag and watch your back for them mother ******* ******* drivers