1. Testname111

    420 chain:)

    420H chain on my 2-stroke bicycle engine
  2. S

    Do you consider this front mount safe?

    I plan to get longer studs (yes I know the locknuts are on the very end) The question is do you guys think that sandwiching these two metal plates on the frame and then running the studs through it to secure it to the bike is a bad idea do you think this will break easily?
  3. breath_easy13

    Headphones while Riding ?

    Would you say wearing head phones while riding is unsafe ? I've read about the jaw head phones, that play music through your jaw instead of ears so that you can still hear perfectly fine. Not sure how well they work. Obviously if your riding where theres no cars or traffic, headphones are fine...
  4. L

    Ever been run off a road?

    I've been run off the road twice now in the last few years.. keeping over close to the shoulder to alow cars to get by.. where most drivers will move a bit over to be safe, both my hit and run drivers didn't think I had the right.. I can only guess, and ran me off in to the curb where I crashed...
  5. jolfstn

    Velalert bicycle Lidar based radar

    From the makers of the companion bicycle seat ( comes Velo+Alert=Velalert. Alerts you of oncoming cars behind you in your blind spot so you can react before it's too late! Website says it's in user testing (how can I become a tester?) seems pretty cool...
  6. T

    Bicycle Security! Ideas, options, thoughts...

    I think this topic deserves its own main forum category, but since it doesnt I decided to start a thread here, safety is the next closest thing I suppose. So lets start a nice lil giant database of security systems. All ideas whether tried, tested, experimental or even just ideas are welcome. I...