1. L

    Ever been run off a road?

    I've been run off the road twice now in the last few years.. keeping over close to the shoulder to alow cars to get by.. where most drivers will move a bit over to be safe, both my hit and run drivers didn't think I had the right.. I can only guess, and ran me off in to the curb where I crashed...
  2. Intrepid Wheelwoman

    La Voiturette Deux Places (1952)

    Bonjour mes amies! This time I'm posting the complete set of plans for a voiturette published in issue No:76 (April 1952). As with the velocar plans I posted earlier the construction is mainly in plywood and this wee car is intended to be powered by a single cylinder engine that has been...
  3. T

    I hate idiots with cars!

    Well I just had my first real incident with a car on my way home from work tonight, guess they didnt like me being on the side of the road and they ran me into a fence. I couldnt stop in time, luckily I wear a DOT helmet so my head didnt feel anything, but the rest of my body did! holy crap I...