Chuck - The monkey has the spark plug again!


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Jan 30, 2008
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A few people have asked me "what is up with the signature" so this is the story, Have fun.

Well this is a fun story. When we were kids we were able to talk our parents into letting us buy a Spider Monkey.
We used to race Hodaka motorcycles. For fun we used to let the monkey loose in the garage while we worked on the bikes. This little critter was the most curious little thing we had ever seen. It would spend most to its time in the rafters, it was fun to watch. But one thing, this monkey could not leave anything alone. If it noticed we were using something it would do anything it could to get the part or tool from us then run up into the rafters and toss what ever it was down from its vantage point. We used to buy special plugs that came in a plastic tube that kept them from damage. Some how the monkey knew that the tubes were important and would sneak down, and act like it was just coming to see you, like a lightning-bolt it would grab the plug and you guessed it " Chuck the monkey has the spark plug again " then it would chuck the plug down and destroy the electrode.
The monkey got out of the garage one time and went up into a large ficus tree. We watched it for a few minutes (I have never seen anything like it) we knew it would never come down so we went back to work on the bikes, but to our surprise, I guess it lost interest in the tree and came back to see if it could get into our stuff again. So now you know the story of the Monkey and the Spark Plug. Have fun, Dave
Chuck - The monkey has the spark plug again!

Sometime Ill have to tell you about the trip to Alaska on Honda 90's in 1968. And our Gold mining with Dinomite. LOL
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May 28, 2008
Good Morning Egor, Am I Still The First Person To Ask About The Monkey?? My Girl Friend Used To Put My Tools Away When I Wasn`t Looking! I Would Look All Over **** For Them. Finally I Would Go In The Office And Sit Down. She Says: Whats Wrong ? You Look Mad And Disgusted! I Cant`t Find Some Of The Tools I Was Using A Little While Ago, I Have Looked Everywhere, I Can`t Find Them Anywhere!:-|| OH!! HONEY, I CLEANED THE SHOP UP A LITTLE WHEN YOU WERE IN THE REST ROOM. I PUT THEM BACK IN YOUR TOOL CHEST!! RON.. PS I WAS TRYING TO PICK ONE MORE EMOCON FOR THIS POST!! I GOT DIZZY LOOKING AT THEM BUZZING ALL OVER THE PAGE!!lafflaff


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Jan 16, 2008
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I like the monkey shines story makes since now I just thought you were having delusions like I was with the Rufus cat. He ain't worth a $hit for helping but an ace at gettin in the way.


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An inlaw of mine had a grandson who "got in the way" a lot and he would say "get out of my way!" The grandson went to grandma and said "grandma, what is papaw's way?"

I'm working a Whizzer H engine and old Columbia bike project right now, so grandson, stay outa my way!

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Sep 19, 2008
Does anybody know how to order the right piston for the 66cc motor.I replaced the jug & piston & rings,went through three pistons&still don't have the right one in there,I had to trim .130 thousands off the skirt because it was hitting the crank! The pin hole that the needle bearing rides on (wrist pin) is a 1/8 or .130 lower than the one that was in the motor from whereever it was built.I had running last night---we'll see what happens.