cheap bolt


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Jun 7, 2008
I was riding home from work today when my bike began to vibrate abnormaly and I looked down to see my engine moving slightly from side to side. I stopped to examine and found that the cheap chinese engine mount bolt had snapped. I was 20 km from home and ended up having to pedal the rest of the way. I've only got about 6 hours on the engine and already the bolt has failed, oh well, guess its just one of the kinks I have to get worked out.


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Jan 27, 2008
Ptown, Texas
That's a real bummer. I broke two studs on my rear engine mount in the first 3 hrs. My first front motor mount wasn't quite solid enough. After I got that fixed I had no more problems............................


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May 11, 2008
Santa Cruiz, CA
Oh yeah, wel I've had to pedal 12 MILES to home, not merely 12 Km.
I've had quite a few issues, and i'm beginning to think something....
(No...this doesn't involve third grade!)
I think all my snapped bolt/stud issues stem from a general loosening of fasteners, which increases vibration and friction exponentially. I recommend removing and replacing all studs (if appropriate metric threaded material cannot be found, tap it out to a more common american thread like 1/4X20). Loctite the studs in place and wait AT LEAST a day to re-install parts with LOCKING NUTS WITHOUT LOCTITE. Ny-lok nuts, or crimped-nuts, whatever you can get that will not back out, yet allow the required re-torquing.


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Dec 28, 2007
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how did you go about getting it fixed so that it did not happen again?

You don't say where you are from but most areas have screw and fastener specialists. Most also have a True Value or other hardware store with at lease a selection of metric studs. Just get some 6mmx1 studs of the matching or closest length hands down these bin parts will be stronger than the stock one......I replaced mine long ago. BUT that said, I find the supplied nuts to be even weaker than the studs, so it's good advice to get some Nylock nuts as well.