Centrifugal Clutch puller tool alternative for Morini or KTM and clones



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May 10, 2012
Hi all,
I wanted to post this to give an alternative to those like me who are limited with funds who don't want to pay 25-50 for a centrifugal clutch pad puller tool.
With the amount of money spent so far my wife would have had a conniption had I spent more money on a tool that I could make myself. Here is what I came up with. Took me 10 minutes to put together, if that.

Found a 1/8" piece of steel that I had cut when building some mounts and drilled 3 holes into it. 2 for the bolts that screw into the clutch and one for the larger bolt that pushes against the sprocket arm to pull out the clutch pads. All that is required is to hold the nut in place with a wrench while you screw in the center bolt. Be sure to use a thick piece of metal. You can see that the one I used bent from the force required to pull out the clutch pad.
Happy pulling! :-||