1. N

    Boxer/Morini info

    Hey everybody! I’m new here and actually joined because I picked up a boxer racing bike with a Morini Franco engine in it and honestly I’m not sure what to do with it. My original plan was to fix it and ride it around occasionally but after realizing that I’m probably going to have to put about...
  2. B

    KTM 50cc engine on bicycle

    I am thinking of buying a KTM 50cc engine clone from 2005, to my bicycle. Do you know how sutainable they are? They seems to be as strong as modern trimmed moped engines, around 9hp. I would like to have an engine that is strong and sutainable. Do you know how mutch fuel they are drinking? If i...
  3. D

    Ktm clone for sale, many other components for high performace

    Everything listed here is brand new, never been used and in original packaging. A while ago I planned on building a really bad ass bike but family and work have taken away the time. So I'm listing all the stuff I'd like to sell. If you're looking to build a really fast bike and save some...
  4. F

    Morini engines?

    I can have this engine for 300 dollars. What engine is this and are they fast? Any mod options?
  5. F

    KTM GP50 clone. Any opinions?

    Hi Guys. I have been doing some research on engines for my new build that you can see in the board track section. I was wondering what are your thoughts about the thats DAX KMT clone motor. It is 500 dollars, but you will be getting the 9 hp and so on. Maybe you could recommend something...
  6. I

    new crankcase design help and input!

    hi guys i got a friend that works at a machine shop and mechanic shop and he told me that if i can come up with a design he will try to get access to the cnc. and I'm not really good at designing engines so thats why i came here. i just want to design a crankcase that will take polini or puch...
  7. IINoxiousII

    Centrifugal Clutch puller tool alternative for Morini or KTM and clones

    Hi all, I wanted to post this to give an alternative to those like me who are limited with funds who don't want to pay 25-50 for a centrifugal clutch pad puller tool. With the amount of money spent so far my wife would have had a conniption had I spent more money on a tool that I could...
  8. Zinger

    Let's ride

    Well not quite yet. Gathering all the pieces to do a Briggs powered Emory Cruiser. And then hopefully a Morini powered Worksman BTR. Met a few of you at the first Grange race. Good fun ! Good people ! Any folks in Las Vegas drop me a line. Always looking for other like minds. Christopher
  9. nidyanazo

    Other standup bikes I've been building (50MPH goped video inside)

    So... Decided to build some killer standup bikes. Using the venerable GSR frame, and on this first one I've got a ultra rear $2,000 Trevor Simpson 62cc modded motor, ported by chris bartolone SPECS: TS 60...
  10. M

    Morini S5GS Motor

    Hey, I bought a mini dirtbike with this motor on it. It was blown up, so i did a full rebuild on it. I replaced: Piston Piston rings NEW Cylinder Top end bearings All bearing seals magneto and All new gaskets THis motor is 100% ready to go to be bolted on for a sweet motorized bike...