1. B

    KTM 50cc engine on bicycle

    I am thinking of buying a KTM 50cc engine clone from 2005, to my bicycle. Do you know how sutainable they are? They seems to be as strong as modern trimmed moped engines, around 9hp. I would like to have an engine that is strong and sutainable. Do you know how mutch fuel they are drinking? If i...
  2. D

    Ktm clone for sale, many other components for high performace

    Everything listed here is brand new, never been used and in original packaging. A while ago I planned on building a really bad ass bike but family and work have taken away the time. So I'm listing all the stuff I'd like to sell. If you're looking to build a really fast bike and save some...
  3. K

    Ktm 50 Clutch, Exhaust and Jackshaft

    Hey guys I recently placed an order of ktm 50, so i will be getting it in a week!!!!! Cant wait!!. This is the bike i got http://www.ironhorsebikes.com/hard-tail/2012-yakuza-5-1 Some info about the bike.... 1) Engine type: single-cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled 2) Piston...
  4. IINoxiousII

    Centrifugal Clutch puller tool alternative for Morini or KTM and clones

    Hi all, I wanted to post this to give an alternative to those like me who are limited with funds who don't want to pay 25-50 for a centrifugal clutch pad puller tool. With the amount of money spent so far my wife would have had a conniption had I spent more money on a tool that I could...