Can anyone help/visit with chain derail problem

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    Is there anyone in chicago with experience who can come and help with alignment issues of the chain? I am willing to pay or compensate too. I have posted about my chain derailing before. I have tried lots of things and have just been so frustrated trying to get this to work. The longest distance I have traveled is about 5 miles without my chain derailing, breaking, or jamming in the spokes and engine. Most of the time chain issues happen within a block (if i'm lucky it just derails and the bike isn't damaged in some way).

    So if there is anyone in the ravenswood area or is willing to come to this area I would gladly appreciate it and would compensate as well. I have spent too much time carrying my bike in and out of my apartment to test if my adjustments work, just to find the chain derailing in the first few seconds.

    Thanks to the others as well who have tried to help on the forum previously
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    ok blood, go to Pirate cycles and purchase a CB-110 hub adapter if you have a 1 speed bike (coaster brakes) or an occ hub adapter if you have a 15 speed bike, then order the sprocket (size) of your preference. I assure you that you will have no problems with the chain ever again.
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    not true, idler adjustments can still be a problem as well as poor mounting on the motor.

    sprocket adapters certainly help but they're not the only element to a good build.
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    I run the rag joint set up on all my bike and I've never had any chain issues, it's all about everything being mounted correctly and the alignment being right as well as proper tension, although the tension isn't really that big of an issue if everything is setup right, I have one bike that has almost 1200 miles on it now and the chain has been just hanging very lose on it for months now and it hasn't tried to come off a single time, I dont recommend letting a chain be this lose but I've just been testing it up until now to see how well it would stay put with proper alignment and it is great.

    Now.....BloodOfAnAkrobat if I were in your area I would gladly help you solve that chain issue but I'm not and central Texas is a pretty good bike ride from you LOL!

    All I can tell you is that if the engine is mounted good and solid to the frame and you dont have the idler/tensioner angled in or out to an extreme it has to be that the sprocket on the rear wheel is way out of alignment with the engine.

    How wide is the rear tire and do you have a flat sprocket on the rear or is it the dished one?

    If it is a dished sprocket is it installed so that the teeth are farthest from the wheel?

    If it is, take it off and turn it around so that the teeth on the sprocket are inward toward the wheel and if it makes the chain rub the rear tire replace it with a 26x1.95 or narrower tire and that might resolve your problem.

    I have one bike that has the teeth to the outside and it is fine but on another bike I have I cant install a sprocket that way or it will be seriously out of line with the engine and would cause the same issue you are having.

    I wish you the best BloodOfAnAkrobat and hope I suggested something here that might help you.



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