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  • Good to hear from you. It seems just not right how well things are going for me. Often when I am on the board I will check your profile to see if there is any activity. Did you ever go back to that moped dealer to look for work? Even if you didn't try to find work that you enjoy. You can tell if it is a good job as you won't regret going to work every morning. Don't give up on getting more education as it will pay you back throughout your life. Thanks again for the company going to the Ct. rally. Old farts like me have pleanty of time for MB's. Young people like you have many interesting thins to do with thier time. Stay strong and close to your family.

    Your friend
    My old pontiac died, RIP
    My new car is a small 4 cyl not capiable of hauling my trailer any long distance, or I would have invited you to ride to the stafford rally.
    I had to fabricate a bike rack that can only handle one Mb. I hope that all is well with you and your family.

    Just saw you on the member map, I would like to get a ride together this season. Are you willing to travel up to maine?
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