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  • Took Sail out today maiden run. Runnin rich 4 strkkin. All good. I fix it in a few more days (smller jet). Funny thing- clip popped off master lnk in drive chain and spooled off the sprockets -laid out in a nice strait line in the driveway. Good gracious. glad it happened where it did. I do remember a pop sensation bout a mile ago- on the way back- immediately pulled over and checked rear mount studs. All good- Easy fix. New master in place. Weather still in low 30's probly not gonna ride to work for another week. Give me a price on your tensioners.
    I see you been keeping yourself busy. experimenting and maintaining and all. I had surgery in Jan healing excellent. Could ride now daily but my ride starts before sunrise and potholes seem to be developing everywhere overnight. April showers bring May flowers or so they say- I am looking for somthing to build soon. Catch ya later
    Just touching base with all on Friends list. Getting cold up here in Maine. Wife and I moved from Bangor to Glenburn in July. I didn't have a lot of help. Yeah I over did it and now I been living in agony with a fully torn rotator cuff in shoulder. Waiting for talk with a specialist to set up a surgery date. Will be my first winter not riding. April is a long way off. Anyway--I want to thank you for your postings and wish you a happy and loving Holiday season with your family. Allen Standley
    Figured you might be from Texas- just about the only state where they are not embarrassed to call an idiot an idiot, regardless of his/her station. I am a political refugee from the People's Soviet Socialist Republic of Kalifornicatia, currently in asylum in Washington State on the EAST side where people work for a living.
    Rick thank you bro.... you didnt have to send that much but I do appreciate it and ill get you a pick of rller before I send to make sure it hat you want..

    Map.I'm sending you $12 bucks right now brother..! From my wife's pay pal account
    Hey map, didn't I just read that you ordered the bronze bushing from MOTO JUICE BOX? How long did it take to arrive in did they give you a tracking number ?
    Yep, the case has to be split, entire engine torn down is required to replace the bearings, not real hard with correct tools.

    Is it hard to swap the bearings on the beer can motors? It looks like you have to tear it down and split the case open, but are they hard to install? (re: japanese sealed bearings in HT)
    Hope you get it all worked out, I've only had one engine that developed a major air leak, on mine it was the crankshaft seat under the mag. rotor, I hope you can get yours fixed easily.

    Best wishes

    Appreciate the input reassuring what I dreaded, I think I got a leak at the case,
    I'm gonna do the base gasket 1st and retest. If that fails I'm gonna try a lazy approach of gooping up the case externally. I dont like to do things 1/2 assed but when I finally do get around to playing w this again thats likely what I'll do.
    Thanks again for your advice, esp. the aviation grade high tac gasket sealer. I'll let u know how it goes.
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