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Tom from Rubicon

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Apr 4, 2016
Rubicon, Wisconsin
Time for a bit of a update. We moved to Rubicon Wi., in 2006. Pretty much a clean slate I thought but.
The house and out buildings were over run with Daddy Long Leg spiders.
Not Harvesters, but real spiders. They are dirty critters crapping everywhere. My solution has been to vacuum them. In the house I have been winning.
In the 40x60 steel shed and 30x40 sided cinder block building housing my machine shop infested by the same spiders and occasional Deer Mouse, I have been more passive. Treatment DuJour has been a SCJohnson product.
RAID MAX® MESS FREE DRY FOGGER It is pretty effective mostly.
In the Machine Shop, I found this big Ol female which the fogger did not touch, and she had webbed the hades in my shop. Shopvac did the deed. But the place is still a mess. More sucking in the coming days. and then there is the steel shed which had much less love.

In the steel shed, I run a trap line. Four chipmunk's and the odd mouse so far this Spring
Our first butterflies came in on the southerly breeze today. They are feeding on the grape hyacinth.

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