best beach cruiser to use?

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    I have the engine kit picked out but I need to know what brand of beach cruiser works the best. schwinn? huffy? What works the best?? If there is a mountain bike that works too let me know! having shocks would be nice given what and where I'll be riding. all input is welcome! thanks!!

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    Sep 4, 2008
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    The beach cruisers currently offered in the department stores are more prone to cracks when motorized. A used, pre2001 beach cruiser of any make is preferable to new, department store cruisers. Mine is a 1976 western flyer.
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    May 1, 2011
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    The "best " should be the bike YOU like, what I did on my first bike I found a frame type that would work with the engine kit in the color I wanted. Many will tell you to avoid aluminum frames but I have over 1000 miles on my o.p. cruiser with no frame problems. I also have a huffy cranbrook, it rides smoother but is heavier so I have to pedal more. So I say find a bike that the engine will fit in that you like and get started. No matter which you choose you need to add a front brake, the coaster brakes alone are not enough.

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