1. bluck

    JackShaft Kit Compatible Bikes

    I was looking into starting a new build on another bike and wanted a list of compatible Road/Mountain bikes that are stock(or require minimal[cheap] modifications to the rear shifting mechanism ie. not having to buy nuvinci hub) that can accommodate a jack shaft kit. I currently have a schwinn...
  2. C

    Runs great and fast, no idle!

    Hey guys, i just bought a motorized bike off of my boss, he doesnt use it anymore and it runs great, only problem i have come across is it wont idle. If i pull the clutch while its running i have to keep giving it gas to keep icvlt1t going. Iv been fiddling with the idle screw turning it...
  3. M

    Riding at night

    Safer on the side of the road during the night, or in the road when going up to 40mph?
  4. C

    permatex timing

    is it safe to ride my bike after only 1 hour of waiting for permatex super copper to dry?
  5. C

    need for speed

    i am using the sprocket that comes with the chinese 2 stroke. and i can only reach 32 mph in a straight road. i am going to also be carrying replacement parts, 1 gallon os gasoline, headlights breaklights turn signals rear view mirrors and a bike rack, and i want to make atleast 40. the best...
  6. D

    29er dimondback mountainbike BUILD

    49.5cc suzuki motor just ordered sickbikepartskits was going to fabricate alot of stuff myself but this will allow me to finish project faster less heat from the little lady about time not being spent with her LOL. Also doing a mod on the motor to give it a hi and low gear. going to...
  7. A

    best beach cruiser to use?

    I have the engine kit picked out but I need to know what brand of beach cruiser works the best. schwinn? huffy? What works the best?? If there is a mountain bike that works too let me know! having shocks would be nice given what and where I'll be riding. all input is welcome! thanks!! dnut
  8. P

    A BTR Build in Progress: Lets reach 100mph

    So it begins. A quest to build a BTR. The Motivation: Don't own a Car, Quick & Efficient Transportation, the awesome history these bikes have, and a drive to build something that has speed and style! The Inspiration: A Passion for Engineering, the satisfaction of setting out to build...
  9. T-lo

    How Fast are You going? - I wana know

    Gps says i'm doing 26.4 mph at tops. I think i'm tuned up pretty well with no mods on a mountian bike with 44 tooth sprocket. this is with my 66/80cc (or whatever) skyhawk gt5 and the new pain in the ass cns carb. So, how fast are you going? please tell me your engine, Mph, sprocket...
  10. K

    Motorized bike??

    okay so i have a 30cc friction bike that runs 30 mph, and it runs good. On my next bike it will be chain driven, and i dont need to be able to pedal, but i would like to put a shifter kit or transmission. the motor is a 6.5 hp 4 stroke honda. also i think i should use a mountain bike because...
  11. nidyanazo

    New video we had fun filming

    Think we got a couple good shots... It's hard to film this way .. YouTube - ‪motovelo motorized california legal motorbike moped motorized bicycle‬‏
  12. M

    Morini S5GS Motor

    Hey, I bought a mini dirtbike with this motor on it. It was blown up, so i did a full rebuild on it. I replaced: Piston Piston rings NEW Cylinder Top end bearings All bearing seals magneto and All new gaskets THis motor is 100% ready to go to be bolted on for a sweet motorized bike...
  13. G

    Final touch-I'm happy now

    Hey guys just finished putting together my new bike (30 years old). Tryed to make it the board track style. Hope it look good to you all out there. Had it up the street and getting a few looks. I think they are thinking Çrazy pom whats he built now. But hey its dam good fun. take a look on...