Back after top-end Rebuild 70cc 20" Lowrider
May 15, 2016
Auckland, New Zealand
Hi guys,

I'm back after a very long and exhaustive struggle to get the part I needed.
I brought a new top end rebuild on eBay then after months, nothing arrived.

So I got in touch with eBay which was almost impossible as I'd brought the item as a guest on eBay. They told me to get in touch with Paypal so after a long, long while I got my money back. Then brought the same item from the only supplier her in New Zealand, then upon assembly I discovered the cylinder was defective - bore not big enough! So then had to wait for the replacement which I put on today.

Now its going again :>


Where should I go to get someone to help with carb jetting?


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Dec 11, 2014
Bike looks awesome! I would recommend removing the rubber from between the motor and frame, it needs to be directly and solid mounted. You will find it drastically cuts vibration and I have seen pictures of rubber mounts actually causing the motor to saw thru the frame. As for jetting I found a bunch of good information on making that carburetor work well from the moped guys. There are threads here to as well, use the Google bar.
Welcome to the forum and happy motoring!