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  • Zip Tie, it does have the 12 gauge spokes and steel frame. Your project sounds really cool for that frame I would love to see that motor. If you put a wide bottom bracket and wide cranks combined you can get around a pretty crazy wide motor.I am using mine to test my new China girl motors I just had produced. I have a few versions on our 2 stroke and was thinking about adding a speed certified version that is ported, rings seated, and tested for say 40+ or 45+ mph and using the Cape Cod for the test mule. I just became a site sponsor on this forum, the link to my site is it should be the bottom left advertisement on here check it out if you have time.
    Thanks for the reply Landspeed . Good to hear about the cape cod frame ride. I have a new fangled bullet train electric start engine laying around here and thought I could use the front rack on the Cod for the 4 pound battery tray and all the electronic solenoid and voltage regulator etc. and I like the color and look of the frame. My curiosity got the best of me on this engine. Not sure it will fit but it should, but dang it is a very wide engine. The quality looks pretty amazing though compared to what I expected. I wish they would invest in a all new high quality China Girl with a plain bump start. Anyhow I just got to strip off the cape cod stuff and it will be a sweet foundation. Does it have 12g spokes and a steel frame?
    Thanks man ! PS I didn't see your reply till today, big sorry.
    I am actually building a personal Cape Cod now as we speak. It is the best riding motorized bike I have riden. I built two of them custom order for a couple about a year ago and as soon as I went on the test ride I wanted one for myself. They just work so perfectly with a motor, the slightly longer wheelbase, geometry, wheels etc all make the best motorized bike I have riden.
    Checked out your cool builds. I see you also built on a stripped down blue cape cod. Thinking on doing one with a board track style tank for my next build. Any thoughts?
    They are the typical mag wheels from China. I built my own adapter but they accept a sprocket with the 6 disc brake holes. Pretty awesome wheels that far exceeded my expectations so I am working on getting a bulk to sell on my website I am trying to break the under 100cc non streamliner fuel and gas records. They are currently at 94 mph and 93 mph. I am making enough power with my best 66cc kit motor on fuel but I am way short on power for the gas record. I want to break both on one trip and do it with my kit motors. It's a pretty serious challenge lol
    Hey boss, was looking through your pictures, can I ask which mag wheels those are, and which hub adapter fits them? Also, have you set your record yet? What's the speed to break?
    Thanks. I am there most weekdays next to U of A. Just let me know when and directions are a little tricky so text or call 520-808-5731
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