1. Testname111

    Athena minatellie vertical on bicycle

    This my bicycle I been working on, if you like hit the like button <3 Minarellie vertical with bikeberry F2 thrust exhaust Car muffler shop welded it for 25$ over night So question 1 This bicycle engine is not broken-In and goes about same speed as my broken-in 40mm stock China girl? Is it...
  2. Testname111

    ATHENA 69.8 CC bicycle frankin-bike :)

    I made this after finding out the smolikperformance.com kit big bore still had a 40mm piston stock China girl size Check it out, my new Athena minarellie clone with carbon reed I plan on making a copper exhaust, 47.6mm piston true big bore should I braise or hose clamp all my coper joints...
  3. J

    Back after top-end Rebuild 70cc 20" Lowrider

    Hi guys, I'm back after a very long and exhaustive struggle to get the part I needed. I brought a new top end rebuild on eBay then after months, nothing arrived. So I got in touch with eBay which was almost impossible as I'd brought the item as a guest on eBay. They told me to get in...
  4. J

    My bike - w/pics

    Hi guys, I've been haunting this forum for about six months so it's about time I engaged with everyone. I have a 70cc engine on an old Schwann 20" lowrider frame - it barely fits which I love; make its feel like they were made for each-other. I'm going for a 'found parts' ratrod kind of...
  5. J

    Engine Not Starting After Port Work.

    Yo. Bet you guys have heard this one before. :/ So I've done some work on my engine & now its not starting. I cannot work it out as I know I have 1 - Fuel, 2 - Ignition & 3 - I can feel compression. I used a dermal to port match my intake & exhaust. I cleaned up the transfers & put a bur...
  6. J

    70cc Engine Tuning Advise Needed

    Hi, I have brought about all the upgrades you can have for my 70cc engine (jaguar cdi, banana muffler, performance carby, iridium spark etc). So I am now looking to do some work on the engine. I was thinking of starting off by just cleaning up all the ports & polishing everything. But...
  7. D

    Custom chopped and screwed homemade motoped/dirt bike!

    i spent a lot of time planning this bike out.. this one i based off the dirt bike style this bike has a lot of travel and an 8gear jackshaft, in this build im using the 70cc Skyhawk Super Rat motor with a stock 66cc carb and a honda CR80 exhaust. i tried to find as many progress pictures as...
  8. FPSaustralia

    is tha 70cc stage 2 engine woth tha money

    Is the 70cc stage 2 engine worth the money Hey i was looking at tha 70cc stage 2 enigne ... any thay worth all $475 auz dolla ... do they put out more power than normal engine and yea .. dnut
  9. FPSaustralia

    70cc or 70cc stage 2?

    hey i been looking at a 70cc stage 2 engine 4 my b ike witha a shifter kit and expantion chamboure but dose tha stage 2 make a big diffrence ...